High Tech High

Teacher Credentialing at High Tech High

High Tech High supports the work of adults in HTH schools and elsewhere to put the HTH design principles into practice. HTH offers many learning opportunities for practitioners, including teacher residencies and institutes at High Tech High, teacher ambassador programs, on-site technical assistance, and a graduate school of education offering master’s degrees in teacher leadership and school leadership. HTH also provides resources for educators, including guides to project-based learning, curriculum integration, internship program development, teaching to diverse learners, student advisory, college advising, facilities development, technology infrastructure and policies, and management.

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has approved High Tech High to certify teachers in the Single Subject content areas of Mathematics, Science, English, History/Social Studies, Spanish, Mandarin, and Art; Multiple Subject and Special Education through its Teacher Intern Program. The goal of the program is to prepare teachers to work in an environment that integrates technical and academic education while creating a sense of community engagement and responsibility. The HTH District Intern program situates teacher training in HTH sites where candidates can experience a 21st century context for teaching and learning. The program provides direct, on-the-job training to recent graduates of post-secondary institutions, as well as to mid-career individuals in transition.

The HTH District Intern Program is accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and provides the equivalent of a 120-hour pre-service program and 600 hours of training and practice over two academic years. Interns earn full-time salaries and benefits as teachers in charter school classrooms while working toward their credentials.

Download: High Tech High District Intern Program Course Descriptions [ PDF ]