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Induction Program Overview

High Tech High Teacher Induction program offers high quality, applied, support to new teachers. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved HTH Induction program provides effective opportunities to new teachers to gain the knowledge, skill, and ability needed to clear Multiple Subjects, Single Subject, and Education Specialist Preliminary credentials. The program has been up and running since 2007, and this year, HTH supports over 100 teachers in this important teacher development work. Induction/Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA), is a partially state-funded Induction program, co-sponsored by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and the California Department of Education (CDE) designed to support the professional development of newly-credentialed, beginning teachers.

The program unfolds over two years, providing organizational meetings, Learning Seminars, inquiry based classroom research, weekly support and observations from a trained Mentor, and teacher networking. A one year option (Early Completion Option) is available to those teachers who can document appropriate prior teaching experiences. By completing the HTH program, teachers improve their ability to offer differentiated instruction and support English learners. They engage in up to date technology, observe teaching in a range of settings, and have the opportunity to publish their own inquiry based classroom research. HTH has built an interactive website to support its new teachers and Mentors. HTH also provides a trained credential analyst to assist with all credential related needs.

High Tech High offers teachers the opportunity to earn their clear teaching credential while teaching at a High Tech High school, HTH-affiliated charter school, or San Diego Unified School. HTH Learning is authorized by the CCTC to recommend teachers for single-subject credentials in Mathematics, Science, English, Social Science, Spanish, Mandarin, Physical Education, and Art. All program participants must be employed as the teacher of record for a minimum time of 50% and hold a current California Preliminary credential.


The mission of the High Tech High Teacher Induction Program is to provide intensive assistance and support to Participating Teachers as they embark upon a career in teaching, and to develop their base of knowledge and skills in accordance with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, the California content standards, and Induction Standards. The High Tech High philosophy of teacher development is centered on improving professional practice within the classroom while encouraging thoughtful and on-going reflection so that our teachers may be truly responsive to the extraordinarily diverse cultural, social, linguistic, and special needs backgrounds of our students.

Mentor Teachers

The core of the HTH Teacher Induction program is the relationship between the participating teacher and the Induction mentor. The experiences of each participating teacher are guided by an Individual Learning Plan which is developed by the participating teacher in conjunction with the Induction mentor. Through weekly meetings and ongoing collaboration, monthly observations, and analysis of classroom evidence, the teachers and mentors work together to ensure a positive learning experience. Each participating teacher works with their Induction mentor to set goals, collect evidence, and measure growth against teaching and content standards through the analysis of student work, planning, and reflecting on lessons, and formative classroom observations. Once a Participating Teacher completes the requirements of the HTH Teacher Induction Program and is recommended for the Professional Clear credential, the expectation is that they will continue to set goals for growth, further develop as a reflective practitioner, and perhaps become an Induction Mentor. The program is meant to be the first stage in a career-long process of learning and growth.



* Induction is a two year program (unless ECO)

* Attend all meetings (7 total, dates TBD):

Orientation (September)
Learning Seminars (attend 4)
Mid-Year Meeting (December)
Colloquium (May)

* Meet weekly with your Mentor

* Formally register with the CTC for our HTH Induction Program (year 1 only)

* Participate in ongoing program evaluations, including the Annual State Survey

* Complete the Portfolio requirements using our HTH Induction website

* Mentor will observe you 4 times throughout the year

* Observe your mentor one time and also conduct an observation outside of your school and/or district


Participating schools/teachers

The HTH Induction program has built relationships with many schools, over 40 in the last several years. If you work at a school outside/external to High Tech High, you are eligible to enter into our Induction Program to clear your credential.

Requirements include:
* Your school must sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) so that both parties understand the arrangement (fees, mentor assignment, support, etc).

* Verify employment (no less than 50% time).

* Program fee (email Julie Holmes, juholmes@hightechhigh.org for specific details)

* If you work at a charter school, they must identify a mentor to work with you (preferably at your school site and/or in your domain).

* If San Unified or Sweetwater teacher, a district mentor will be assigned to you.


Application Process for the HTH Induction Program:

To apply, complete the Induction Interest Form and we will email you further information..

► View Induction Website
► Submit Completed Induction Interest Form

Contact Julie Holmes juholmes@hightechhigh.org or call 619.398.4928, for additional information.

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