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  • Candice Drain
    Candice Drain

    Candice Drain is thrilled to be joining the Kindergarten team at High Tech High North County and continue sharing her passion of teaching and learning.

    Candice Drain attended Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego and was fortunate to have the opportunity to study abroad on the Gold Coast of Australia. It was here that she fell in love with international travel and learning about different cultures. She graduated PLNU with a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a concentration in Human Development. She then continued her education at the graduate level, obtained her teaching credential, and worked in first and fourth grade in Southern San Diego.

    Candice's main goal in the classroom is to create a safe and engaging environment that students' feel comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas as the class grows in community together. She considers herself a life-long learner and thoroughly enjoys collaborating with colleagues and students to further enrich students' educational and personal experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

    After the school bell rings, Candice enjoys biking, surfing, traveling, and adventuring and exploring outdoors!
  • Stephanie Lance
    Stephanie Lance

    Stephanie believes that each student has the potential to grow and thrive emotionally, socially, and intellectually. She is dedicated to learning about her students’ experiences and creating a safe and supportive classroom for her students to develop a sense of communal belonging, challenge themselves, reason, and reflect on their learning. Stephanie is a passionate teacher who will always strive to bring out the very best in every child while keeping their needs at the heart of her service.

    Stephanie is excited to be joining the HTeNC team of staff and parents this year as a Kindergarten teacher. She holds a Masters in Education and Elementary Mathematics Certificate from the University of California San Diego. Prior to joining the High Tech team, Stephanie worked as a Marine Science Instructor in San Diego teaching and learning about the local ocean environment. She grew up in Colorado and loves to be outdoors. When not working, Stephanie likes to spend her time in the ocean, hiking, camping, traveling, and training for triathlons. She is looking forward to sharing her passions with her students, diving into rigorous and fun classroom projects, and being inspired by her students as they explore together.
  • Mimi Petrovich
    Mimi Petrovich

    Mimi believes that all children are natural learners, and is grateful for their honest, unfiltered perspective of their surroundings. She creates a classroom environment that is engaging for each child, and utilizes their strengths in order to maintain a greater sense of classroom community in which all children are valued. She is dedicated to making the best learning environment for the whole child through meaningful, hands-on experiences.

    Mimi has been an educator of young children for 10 years and is excited to use her experience by joining the Kindergarten team at HTeNC this year! She received a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Lehigh University, and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education from Brooklyn College. Originally from New York, Mimi truly appreciates the consistent sunshine in San Diego, and tries to spend as much time outdoors as possible! When not at school, she enjoys long walks with her dog, hiking, camping, and reading.
1st Grade
  • Jamelle Jones
    Jamelle Jones

    Jamelle Jones is a teacher who learns from her colleagues, her students, and her community. After completing her B.A. in Literature/Writing at the University of California, San Diego, Jamelle stayed at UCSD to receive her M.Ed in Teaching and Learning and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Jamelle truly loves being a part of the High Tech Community. She completed graduate work at HTeCV during the school's opening year in 2011 and later became a part of HTeNC's founding faculty as an Academic Coach and Aftercare Coordinator in 2013/2014. She is now teaching first grade at HTeNC and is excited to begin another year. Her favorite moments occur when she is celebrating her students or laughing with her students throughout the day. When Jamelle is not working, you will find her composing music, finding a sweet orange, reading a great book, eating green apples with peanut butter, thinking some complex thought, or spending time with friends and family.
  • Jennifer Larsen
    Jennifer Larsen

    Jennifer Larsen is thrilled to join the High Tech Elementary North County community and continue her love of teaching in first grade!

    Jennifer comes from the Washington, D.C. area where she taught for twenty years in the Alexandria City Public Schools. She attended George Mason University and has a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master's degree in Initiatives in Educational Transformation. In 2008, Jennifer achieved National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification. Last year, she moved to San Diego to be closer to her father.

    Jennifer enjoys learning about how students learn and is always evolving her teaching pedagogy with each new teaching experience. She is passionate about making learning fun and providing rich, engaging class experiences. She LOVES to read and is always on the hunt for good children's books. Some of her favorite authors are Mo Willems, Kevin Henkes, Ian Falconer, Bonny Becker and Tad Hills. She would love to hear about your favorites!

    Jennifer also enjoys gardening, listening to jets, walking the beach, going to musical theatre shows, coffee, and playing with her (completely adorable) Italian Greyhound-Chihuahua rescue pup, Cannoli.
  • Sandy Park
    Sandy Park

    Sandy Park is a believer in each child’s potential to grow and learn more about themselves, each other, and the world around them, both inside and outside the classroom. Providing a positive environment that promotes growth for students to learn and work harmoniously with peers and adults is one of her highest priorities as an educator. She is dedicated to learning how to help each child become their own author and creator of their learning through exploration, reflection, discovery and dialogue.

    Sandy is very excited to embark in new adventures this year at High Tech Elementary North County as a first grade teacher. She taught first grade at HTeNC last year and various primary grade levels in Virginia (Fairfax County Public Schools) for several years. She received her Master’s degree in Education and teaching credential from George Mason University and Teaching English as a Foreign Language program certificate from Georgetown University. In her free time, Sandy enjoys reading at local coffee shops, biking on trails, yoga on the beach, snowboarding, learning to play tennis, meeting people and exploring new places in beautiful San Diego.

    Sandy is very thankful to be a part of the team at HTeNC and to be able to witness the growth of children academically, developmentally, socially, and emotionally this year and beyond.
2nd Grade
  • Shelby Fuentes
    Shelby Fuentes

    Shelby Fuentes is passionate about teaching and is excited to be joining the High Tech Elementary North County community. Before joining the HTeNC team, Shelby taught for three years in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

    Shelby moved to San Diego eight years ago and received her bachelor's degree and credential from Point Loma Nazarene University. As an educator, she is passionate about instilling a love of learning in each child. She also believes it is important to help each student find and pursue their passions in and out of the classroom. She values social and emotional education alongside rigorous academic growth. By creating classroom opportunities for students to explore, wonder, and be astonished, students are able to think deeply about the world around them.

    Outside of school Shelby enjoys reading, coffee, playing music, and spending time with family and friends.
  • Grace Kegley
    Grace Kegley

    Grace is thrilled to start her 2nd year of teaching as part of the High Tech elementary North County community. Inspired by students’ curiosity and energy, she believes in creating a classroom environment in which they can share ideas, ask lots of questions, recognize their unique strengths, and love to learn.

    Before moving to California, Grace attended the University of Virginia where she earned a B.A. in Psychology and a M.T. in Elementary Education. Her Master's program included six semesters of teaching residency in grades pre-K through 5th.

    Although she made a goal to learn to surf, so far she's enjoyed just reading on the beach and going for leisurely hikes.
  • Meghan Wall
    Meghan Wall

    After hearing about the High Tech High community all the way in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Meghan Wall is thrilled to be joining the second grade team at High Tech High North County to continue sharing her passion of teaching and learning.

    Meghan attended the University of Minnesota Duluth and was fortunate to have the opportunity to student teach abroad in lovely Ireland. It was here that she fell in love with international travel and learning about different cultures. She graduated UMD with a B.A. in Elementary and Special Education. Meghan has spent the past two years teaching first grade at an Expeditionary Learning school in Woodruff, Wisconsin.

    Meghan's main goal in the classroom is to create a safe and engaging classroom community where students feel safe to share their ideas and wonderings while reaching personal greatness. She considers herself a life-long learner and enjoys collaborating with colleagues and students.

    Outside of school Meghan enjoys hiking, running, crafting,traveling, and laying on the beach with a good book.
3rd Grade
  • Jill Alexander
    Jill Alexander

    Jill is very excited to be part of the High Tech community. As an educator, Jill strives to establish an engaging and creative learning atmosphere. She understands the importance of academic, social,and emotional growth for students ,and enjoys planning projects that allow children to explore and share their passions and interests. She values collaboration between colleagues and parents to help ensure a successful learning experience for all students.


    Before coming to HTeNC, Jill taught 2nd grade for five years at Deer Creek Elementary in Bailey, CO. Originally from Denver, CO, Jill holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Colorado.


    Outside of school, Jill likes to spend her time with family and friends. Being new to San Diego, she is excited to explore everything the city has to offer.
  • Jeff Feitelberg
    Jeff Feitelberg

    Jeff Feitelberg is excited to be joining the HTeNC community where he can use his passion and practice in a creative and unique way. Native to the San Diego community, Jeff is an educator who learns from his students, parents, and his colleagues. He has been working with children for over ten years and believes in meaningful learning experiences, open and honest communication, and collaboration. After completing his B.A. in Politics at UC Santa Cruz Jeff worked for a year as a Teacher’s Associate at a school in Scripps Ranch. He then attended the University of the Pacific to complete a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction and a Multi-Subject Teaching Credential. If he is not in his classroom he is either playing the guitar or in the ocean.
  • Jeremy Manger
    Jeremy Manger

    Jeremy Manger has been an educator for over ten years. He earned his Master of Science in Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York City in 2005, and has taught in Brooklyn, Portland (OR), Ethiopia, and currently in San Diego at High Tech Elementary North County in San Marcos, California. His passion is teaching projects centered on social justice in his third grade classroom.

    Jeremy is a progressive educator at heart and feels that it is a school's job to educate all our children for the 21st century. He believes that children learn best through meaningful, hands-on experiences and that it is important to educate the whole child. He strives to make his classroom a community where children feel safe to take risks and meet their full potential in all developmental domains.

    In Jeremy's free time, he enjoys spending time with his family. They love swimming and being at the beach, traveling, watching and playing sports, reading and relaxing over good food and conversation with friends.
4th Grade
  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee

    All children are creators. Brandon Lee’s teaching philosophy surrounds the notion that all children are natural scientists who want to tinker and understand the universe and their relationship to it. What better way to do that than through engineering? In his class, children will learn how to become not users of technology, but rather creators, solving real problems and creating real solutions. (We’ll also build things just because they’re really cool too).

    Brandon is incredibly excited about joining the High Tech Elementary, North County team. A bay area native (Vamos Gigantes!), Brandon moved to Boston to attend Tufts University to work toward his B.A. Child Development with a focus in education in engineering at the elementary level. This led to a senior project where he implemented a Lego robotics curriculum at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Boston. After graduating, he went on to receive his M.Ed. through the Boston Teacher Residency and certification in both Elementary Education and ESL education. Combining his passion for engineering education and language rights, he became the technology and engineering design teacher at the Dever elementary, a dual-language Spanish/English school in Boston. After 2 years of building suspension bridges, designing and programming robots, creating video games, and optimizing systems for manufacturing playdough with the students, Brandon decided it was time to return to California and re-establish order in the universe.

    Brandon also loves rock climbing, baking, snowboarding, gelatin desserts, Neil deGrasse Tyson, sneaking take-out into the movie theatre, the maillard reaction, long lists, and the oxford comma.
  • Kari Shelton
    Kari Shelton

    Kari loves working with elementary students and collaborating with the fantastic staff and parents of HTeNC. Her favorite thing about working here is the ability to follow the interests of the students (the practice is not only great for learning- it really brings joy to teaching too!) She is a founding member of HTeNC and is looking forward to continuing to grow with the school. She enjoys crafting new projects with her fourth graders that are both rigorous and fun.
    Kari moved to North County two years ago and could not be happier with her new location. She taught elementary school for ten years in Los Angeles before joining the High Tech staff, including four years in fourth grade. She holds a bilingual credential with a Spanish emphasis and a Masters in Education from UCSD. She grew up near Lake Tahoe and tries to get back to the mountains as often as possible.
    When she's not at work she is spending time with her husband and three kids (the oldest two attend HTeNC). They love to travel and to be outdoors together. They can most likely be found at the beach, various sporting events, or camping. Kari loves to have outdoor learning adventures with her students too.
  • Celina Gonzalez
    Celina Gonzalez

    Celina Gonzalez perceives education as both social emotional and academic. She strives to create equitable learning environments for all students. She is passionate about helping students realize they can be change agents. She believes that students and their experiences should be honored when personalizing their learning. She loves to challenge and be challenged by students’ thinking and asking questions. She invites students’ wonderings to drive inquiry. She continues to learn from students and finds ways to empower students and families to advocate for their education.

    Celina was raised in Mira Loma, CA with three older sisters and loving parents. She received her B.A. in Liberal Studies at USD where her love for teaching and learning deepened thanks to the passion of her mentors. Her curiosity and joy in mathematics was reignited at USD, so she completed a concentration in Mathematics and co-developed math summer camps for elementary students. She developed a love for working with families and building capacity in communities, so she began teaching literacy programs through the Mission Valley YMCA. Her passion for equitable learning environments led her to her studies at HTHGSE where she obtained her Master’s Degree in School Leadership. Celina learned her heart is still in the classroom and wants to continue to share her passion for learning with youth. She is very excited to teach 4th grade at HTe North County.

    During her free time, she loves to be outdoors on hikes or watching sunsets. She enjoys spending time with her family and one year old niece. She spends her free time aspiring to be the next top chef, trying new recipes from Pinterest, refurbishing furniture, visiting old book stores, playing volleyball, painting, and spending time with loved ones such as her turtle Erta and her silly dog, Chops.
5th Grade
  • Stephanie Roccon
    Stephanie Roccon

    Passionate about bringing art into STEM, Stephanie believes in the power of tinkering and problem solving. There is never just one way to do something, and every student has a unique, exciting strategy to try. Her goal to instill confidence in her students to make mistakes and grow started when she was a Middle School Technology Coordinator at an Independent School in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Promoting digital arts, robotics, and design thinking, she loved providing hands-on learning experiences for students and colleagues. Detail oriented but flexible, she enjoys following the interests of the class and exploring a topic more in depth.

    Stephanie holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and an Instructional Technology Specialist certificate from Duquesne University. Teaching Middle School for the past 4 years, she is eager to return to her roots and jump into 5th grade.

    Having just moved here from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Stephanie is excited to be outdoors year round. She loves to cook, garden, hike, and travel with her husband and miniature labradoodle, Luna.
  • Debbie Spellman Smith
    Debbie Spellman Smith

    Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Debbie comes to HTeNC with over 20 years of teaching experience. She has taught at San Diego Cooperative Charter School for the past 5 years (4/5th grades). Debbie has also worked as a teacher, curriculum designer and instructional leader for several districts and charter schools. She believes in having students create meaning from the work they plan, research, create, and reflect. Outside of school, her favorite activities include reading, traveling and hiking with her three kids and two dogs.
All School
  • Amanda Massey Director
    Amanda Massey

    Amanda loves being part of this passionate teaching and learning community. As an educator, her interests include: supporting students and teachers in pursuing topics of their interest, developing social-emotional skills and self-efficacy, and facilitating open-ended, student-driven play.

    Before coming to HTeNC, Amanda taught Kindergarten and first grade for nine years in Washington, D.C., the Dominican Republic, and at Explorer Elementary in Point Loma. Originally from Alexandria, VA, Amanda holds a B.A. in Psychology and a M.T. in Elementary Education from the University of Virginia. She also holds a M.Ed. in School Counseling from the University of Massachusetts and is working on a M.Ed. in School Leadership from High Tech High's own Graduate School of Education.

    Outside of school, Amanda likes to travel, cook, read, take photographs, and FaceTime with family and friends in faraway places.
  • Susan Battistuz Site Manager
    Susan Battistuz
    Site Manager

    Susan earned her teaching credential from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois and her Masters in Special Education from Chapman University. After teaching 7th and 8th grade in Chicago Public Schools, she taught in Costa Rica and Niger, West Africa. In 2001 she moved to San Diego and began teaching 9th grade math and physics at High Tech High. She helped open High Tech Middle in 2003 as a math & science teacher. In 2007 she helped open High Tech High North County as the Dean of Students. Susan was the founding Director of High Tech Middle North County from 2009 to 2014. With the opening of the new elementary school on campus Susan was charmed by curiosity and wonder in the younger students. She is delighted to join the HTeNC team as Site Manger. When Susan is not at school you can find her chasing after her two sons, playing at the beach, snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, or riding her horses.
  • Gustavo Bautista HTHNC & HTeNC IT Director
    Gustavo Bautista
    HTHNC & HTeNC IT Director

  • Kelly Cadigan Aftercare Program Manager
    Kelly Cadigan
    Aftercare Program Manager

    Kelly Cadigan is passionate about working with students and is very excited to be joining the High Tech Elementary North County academic support team as an Academic Coach. Prior to becoming an academic coach, Kelly spent the past year working with HTeNC students in the Aftercare Program.

    Kelly moved to San Diego last year from Arizona, where she worked as an Intervention Specialist with kindergarten through 8th grade students. Kelly received a Bachelor’s of Social Work from Northern Arizona University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Human Services Counseling. During her undergrad, Kelly spent several semesters abroad, experiencing and learning about a variety of educational, cultural, and socioeconomic systems. These experiences have contributed to Kelly’s passion of meeting students where they are, and supporting their learning process in the most positive approach for each individual student.

    Outside of school, Kelly enjoys traveling, visiting family, being creative through arts and crafts, walking the beach, and exploring beautiful California.
  • Sarah Choueiry Speech & Language Pathologist
    Sarah Choueiry
    Speech & Language Pathologist

  • Merrill DeGraff Engineering
    Merrill DeGraff

  • Jocelyn Flores Outreach Coordinator
    Jocelyn Flores
    Outreach Coordinator

    Jocelyn Flores was born and raised in Mexico City. She came to the United States 20 years ago and has lived in North County since. She first came about High Tech High when she was looking for an innovative teaching style for her younger brother and sister to prosper from. 7 years later both of her younger siblings have graduated and are continuing with higher education.
    Jocelyn has been with High Tech High since 2011 serving as the outreach coordinator. The main focus of her work involves assisting Spanish speaking families but sharing the unique teaching styles of HTH with the community. She advocates for diversity, primarily within the school, as it helps students create a valuable connection with the surrounding communities.

    She is passionate about the work she does and finds it rewarding to see that her help has made a difference in the lives of the individuals whom she has helped. When not at work she enjoys spending the day with her family at Disneyland or enjoys being part of the audience for Mexican Folkloric dancer, gymnast, cheerleader six year old daughter!
  • Shelley Glenn Lee Science/Art Exploratory
    Shelley Glenn Lee
    Science/Art Exploratory

    Shelley Glenn Lee ("Mrs. Lee") is a native San Diegan who is SO excited to be a part of the HTeNC family

    Shelley holds a B.S. in Biology (with an emphasis in Marine Biology) and an M.S. in Education (Science Curriculum and Instruction). She has enjoyed many years of working with people of all ages in both informal and formal settings, including work as a naturalist, educator, and academic coordinator. She has had the privilege of working and teaching for the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the San Diego Natural History Museum, UC San Diego and High Tech High. She believes in the power of collaboration, authentic learning, and integration of arts into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)= "STEAM"!

    If Shelley could have any superpower, it would be breathing underwater so that she could spend unlimited hours exploring the ocean. She has come close to realizing this fantasy, as she worked for several years as a research diver studying marine plants and invertebrates in San Diego, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. She loves to spend time in and around the ocean, and enjoys music, art, and spending time with her family.
  • Ratha Kelly GSE Resident
    Ratha Kelly
    GSE Resident

  • Marla Malfavon Inclusion Specialist
    Marla Malfavon
    Inclusion Specialist

    My name is Marla Malfavon and I was born and raised in San Diego, CA. After high school, I attended Argosy University, where I earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Shortly after graduating, I worked at the YMCA Youth and Family Services as a Behavior Specialist with students K-5. Though I really enjoyed my job, I realized I wanted to assist students in an academic setting. After working for the YMCA, I had the privilege of working as an Academic Coach at HTMNC, where I discovered my passion to help students reach their maximum potential. I am grateful to now be at HTeNC, and I'm excited to work with the elementary school team and students!

    Outside of school, I like to rock climb, cook, hike, travel, and most importantly, spend time with my 5 siblings and friends. I enjoy being outdoors and believe that beautiful San Diego has a lot to offer!
  • Oscar Miranda Social Emotional Coordinator
    Oscar Miranda
    Social Emotional Coordinator

  • Estelle Praly Hilmen
    Estelle Praly Hilmen

  • John Savage Inclusion Specialist
    John Savage
    Inclusion Specialist

    John discovered High Tech High in 2013 while researching transformative educational practices. He was so impressed by the equity and deeper learning taking place in every classroom he visited, that he decided to trade his research for practice and accepted a position at High Tech High North County in 2014. This is his second year at High Tech Elementary North County as an Inclusion Specialist.

    John was born and raised in San Diego. He spent his youth laying in the sun, soaking in large books and strange music. After High School, John followed a trail of those large books north to Berkeley, CA where he attended and graduated from San Francisco State University, having studied Psychology and Social Philosophy. After graduating, the sound of strange music emanating from somewhere in Washington lured John even further north. Before returning to San Diego, John spent four years in Seattle working at bookstores and discovering his passion for creating a better world for all people by becoming an active agent for social progress.

    John is excited to share his passion with his students, guiding them to become invested members of their communities; not only to realize they belong to a larger world, but also to cultivate the abilities and desires to make that world an even more amazing place.

    John is currently spending his free time wondering why some of his tomato plants are full and luscious while others don’t seem to grow at all. He is having fun being a terrible chef and not knowing nearly enough French. And of course, he is still busy filling his house with large books and strange music.
  • Kristin Singh School Psychologist
    Kristin Singh
    School Psychologist

    Kristin Singh was born and raised in Hawaii and remains an island girl at heart.  She moved to California after high school to attend the University of California, Irvine where she earned a B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior.  She later earned her M.A. in Psychology from Humboldt State University, with an emphasis in School Psychology. 
    Kristin has worked as a school psychologist in various districts in San Diego County for the last 12 years, and is excited to be joining the High Tech High community to support all schools in the North County Village.
    Kristin lives with her husband, daughter, and two dogs in San Diego, CA.  While away from work, Kristin enjoys dancing at live music concerts, watching her husband perform stand-up comedy, exploring San Diego through the eyes of a three-year-old with her daughter, and spending quality time at home with the whole family.
  • Frances Sweeney Academic Coach
    Frances Sweeney
    Academic Coach

    Frances is super excited to be joining High Tech Elementary North County as a third grade teacher apprentice. This is Frances' third year as a HTENC staff member. She spent the past year working with the academic support team and before that working with the Aftercare Program.

    Before joining the High Tech community Frances spent time working for an educational based non profit organization know as City Year. She supported a fourth grade class while working with a team to organize and build a more well-rounded academic community. She’s also worked in Stanford University’s Finance Department.

    Born and raised in Mexico City, Frances is equally at home in both the US and México. In 2012, she received her B.S. in Psychology from Loyola University New Orleans. Her hobbies include playing tennis, volleyball, hiking or any outdoor activity as well as painting and sketching.
  • Bethany Tipton Inclusion Specialist
    Bethany Tipton
    Inclusion Specialist

    The world will never lack for wonders, only wonder. Bethany joyfully joins the HTeNC team as the Inclusion Specialist supporting the upper elementary grades. Bethany is excited to continue to develop the culture of inclusion by providing specific structure and supports for learners to thrive in her second year at HTeNC.

    Bethany is one part, local San Diegan, and one part San Franciscan. Prior to joining the HTeNC team, Bethany worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a special education teacher of the upper elementary grades. She received her Masters in Special Education from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and her Bachelors of Science in International Studies from Point Loma Nazarene University. Through her formal education, Bethany has investigated the properties for a successful school and community garden in San Diego, and San Francisco. She developed the conviction that learning by doing (and sometimes rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty) acts as the best medium for cultivating genuine learning when she established a school garden at an elementary school. She is excited to support teachers with implementing designated accommodations and modifications for all students. She is relentless about developing best practices for her field. She is a major proponent for the Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking programs. Bethany knows that student self-advocacy translates into transformative educational experiences.

    Outside of HTeNC, Bethany is finding the perfect cup of coffee, watching the SF Giants win, teaching her cat Madeline new tricks, listening to podcasts, training to hike Half Dome, exploring the chaparral, and tending her garden.
  • Rina Vinetz Art
    Rina Vinetz

    I'm a native of Berkeley, CA. I teach art at HTeNC. I received my B.A. from UCSD, then moved to Baltimore, and then on to Texas.

    My very first teaching position was on an island in Gulf of Mexico! Before coming to our school, I taught art for 10 years at Solana Santa Fe Elementary in Rancho Santa Fe.

    I believe in creating an art program that gives students lots of opportunities for success. I teach drawing, painting, collage, clay, printmaking, sculpture and iPad photography. I want students to identify themselves as 'good artists' because they have experienced success in different media. I also believe in creating a respectful and supportive community in the classroom and school-wide.

    I am passionate about teaching art to children. In late 2011, I began my art education blog, Since then, I have published all my lesson plans, photo tutorials, instructional videos and Powerpoints. I love connecting with art teachers around San Diego, around the country, and around the world!. I also enjoy cooking, hiking, travel, and spending time with my family.