HTM PrimeTime

The PrimeTime program is a FREE before and after-school program that operates with highly qualified staff. Our PrimeTime team is comprised of a diverse team of talented individuals, many are college students or graduates in the teaching field who enjoy making a positive impact on today’s youth. PrimeTime classes are offered every regular school day. The classes range from makers, cooking, robotics and engineering. Seasonal sports are always offered through the program as well. These sports include volleyball, flag-football, basketball and soccer. Our program is unique in that 100% of students who apply are accepted. Our aim is ensure the safety of children in a fun and educational environment.  The only requirement to participate in this free program is to complete the participation packet English | Spanish. This form needs to be filled out in its entirety to be accepted. For more information please contact:

Monique Sias

Extended Services Director
High Tech Middle