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Project At A Glance

Alfred Solis

Grade level, subjects:
9th grade math and physics

Essential questions:
How do math and science influence artistic expression?

3-4 weeks (model design only)

In small groups, students build a scale model of a tree design for a citywide Urban Art project.  In addition to the model, the team creates detailed instructions for how they built the tree and how it will remain stable in the outdoors in order to demonstrate their application of math and physics concepts. 

CA standards/domains:
Physics, Geometry

Grading criteria were established in rubrics, and students reflected on the project in their digital portfolios.  Regular check-ins with individual students and small groups and traditional quizzes also helped with the assessment of this project.

About the Author

Alfred grew up in San Diego amongst myriad Filipino navy families.  He went to college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he graduated with Honors in Mechanical Engineering.  Before joining the faculty of High Tech High, Alfred was a business/internet consultant for Andersen and also worked for a Bay Area Venture Fund.