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HTH Alumni Association serves to connect alumni to their High Tech alma mater, invite you back to campus to participate in alumni events, Exhibition, guest-speaking, mentor, and professional networking opportunities; Click here to update your contact information to make sure you’re in the know. Read on to learn about what fellow alums are up to and check-out the last volume of the HTH Alumni Magazine below featuring members of the Class of 2005. And come back again soon, the next volume is on deck! Are you in the class of 2006 or 2007? Click here to get involved.
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We are accepting applications for the 2017/18 school year, preliminary interviews begin in late Spring. Alumni are invited to apply here.


Blake English: HTH Alum 2003, makes a big splash building a flying fish at Stanford. Flights of Fancy
Snapshot of HTH Graduates
According to National Student Clearinghouse data indicated that 87% of HTH alumni are still enrolled or have graduated from a post-secondary institution with 34% of the college graduates earning degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) By way of comparison, fewer than 30%of adults in their 20s in California have a college degree according to data from the U.S Census Bureau and only 17% of college students earn degrees in the STEM fields. Current data also shows that 35% of HTH school graduates are first-generation students (first in their families to go to college), and 40% of High Tech students qualify for the National School Lunch Program.


The Alumni Magazine, Volume 3: Class of 2005
The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High Class of 2015 wanted to know about the impact that some of High Tech High’s first graduates are making in the world. As the Class of 2005 reflected on their time at High Tech High ten years after graduation, current seniors interviewed and documented their stories through words and photographs in the second volume of the annual magazine.


Our Hopes for HTH Graduates
High Tech High’s greatest achievement has been to create and sustain a learning environment that prepares a diverse group of students for post-secondary success. Much of this achievement is due to the HTH design, with its emphasis on creating the conditions where students and teachers can work and learn effectively. The school’s personalized, hands-on approach to learning, along with its emphasis on connecting to the adult world through internships, has afforded traditionally underserved students access to college and other post-secondary options.

Alumni Spotlights
Connecting with graduates, updating alums about school happenings and staff members, and sharing invitations to campus events are some of the goals of the HTH Alumni Association. We will also regularly feature alumni stories on this page and invite graduates from any year to submit their own story or nominate another alum to be featured: alumni@hightechhigh.org.

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abel (1)

Abel Levin, Class of 2003

(the very first graduating class of High Tech High!)

Current Career:  Principal Engineer at Wyle Laboratories.

“Before coming to High Tech High, there are very few people who would have thought I would end up where I am today. After finishing my B.S. in Energy (CRS) at UC Berkeley and my Masters in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at George Washington University I have been working with the U.S. Department of Energy, New West Technologies, and finally Wyle Laboratories as Principal Engineer of their Energy Program. It was High Tech High that completely changed my relationship with academics. Throughout elementary and middle school I had been doing very poorly and I had nearly failed my freshman year at La Jolla High. The teachers were frustrated and convinced I was choosing not to pay attention – to be stubborn or rebellious. I was testing very well in all placement exams but had serious Attention Deficit Disorder, on top of being unmotivated. So I would sit in the back of class and read on my own. When the opportunity arose to join the first class of High Tech High in 10th Grade, I took it. My passion had always been science and technology, but HTH quickly showed me the direct connection between the fields I was interested in and my education by integrating the technology into my daily work. I went from C’s and D’s to straight A’s. HTH helped me get into UC Berkeley, where I immediately utilized my experience with digital presentations, photoshop, and web design as well as all of my research and study strategies. Of course, I’ve since built on those fundamentals, but until HTH I had not even thought of acquiring these skills. The applicability of these skills continued through college and into my career. For example, I used my experience learning 3D animation with MAYA software to design 3D models for a wind turbines at my first job. It also gave me an advantage in my college internships/fellowships/jobs as I had more internships and hands on experience under my belt when I began undergraduate school than most people had when finishing graduate school. People who are helped by individuals or institutions to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest should show gratitude. I am extremely grateful to High Tech High for the opportunities I was given and hope that HTH continues to provide such opportunities for people like me.”

Marissa-SouthPole_800 (1)

Marissa Goerke, Class of 2010

Current Career:  Engineering and Science Support Associate at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

“After graduating from HTH in 2010, I went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. I majored in Mechanical Engineering and minored in Electrical and Computer Engineering. WPI has a very project heavy curriculum, including a large junior year and senior year project as graduation requirements. I applied to complete both these projects abroad. My junior year I worked with the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia at a small remote research station in the Namib Desert for two months. In a four person group, we instated a recycling program, made the station orientation video, completed water quality analysis, and made recommendations for trickle filter maintenance based off that analysis. For my senior year project I worked with Caterpillar Inc.(China) and a partner in Shanghai for two months. We worked with Caterpillar engineers and management to design a rear protection device for an underground mining customer in Kazakhstan. The reports for both these projects are published online. Immediately after graduating WPI with high distinction I interned with a cellphone solar charging start-up company called Sol Power in Boston as a full-time employee doing mechanical, electrical, marketing and sales work for almost three months. I am now working for Lockheed Martin, under the Antarctic Support Contract, as an Engineering and Science Support Associate at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station running nine different space weather experiments for the next year.