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HTHSD Storm Athletics welcomes you!  We hope that you will participate in one or more of our sport offerings during the school year. HTHV participates in the San Diego City Conference of CIF, each team participating in different league.  Students must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher to participate.

HTHSD Athletics is looking for coaches.  If you are interested in coaching please contact Coach O’Kelley here.

HTHAthletics will offer sports physicals July 15th Cost is $40

Gym parking lot – 4:30-5:30

REGISTRATION for the 2021-22 school year is open as of July 1 2021.  SIGN UP AT 

How do I sign up for HTHAthletics?

  • Create a Profile on OR login with your profile from years past. Each year athletes must complete online clearances

    • Directions for HTHAthletics online clearance

    • New students use: 000000 for student number (update after school starts).

    • New students use: parent email for student email (update after school starts).

  • Sign and upload all paperwork to your Athletic Clearance profile or scan and send directly to Coach O’Kelley

High Tech High schools strive to provide a safe, enjoyable and meaningful experience through participation in our athletic program. We appreciate your time and effort in completing the forms and turning in the documentation by the deadline date.

21-22 HTHSD Sports Offerings


Boys and Girls Cross Country

Girls Volleyball

Boys WaterPolo

Girls Tennis


Boys and Girls Basketball

Boys and Girls Soccer

Girls WaterPolo


Boys and Girls Swimming

Boys and Girls Track and Field

Boys Golf



Boys Tennis

Boys Volleyball


Directions to the HTH San Diego Gymnasium

Download the Doctor’s Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation form here.

HTH Title IX info

Top 10 things for Athletes and Parents to know about STORM ATHLETICS



Our Athletes

ALL 3 high schools on campus play as one team! ALL HTH students in the Point Loma Village are invited and encouraged to play sports! We have lots of sports to choose from, and everyone gets to play. HTH sports are a great way to make friends, stay active, and develop athletic skills.

Our Leadership 

The HTH Director of Athletics and Wellness is Coach Michal Lynn O’Kelley, Coach O’Kelley was a member of the HTH Explorer Founding faculty! She believes in building character through athletics and hopes to inspire athletes to push beyond their limits and release themselves to the game of life. Contact Coach O’Kelley here.

Our Volunteer Coaches

All HTH coaches are volunteers. Most coaches are parents or teachers. None of them get paid directly from the school. If you’d like to coach, we’d love to have you. If not, please keep in mind that our coaches are doing this because they love our kids and support them in whatever way they can. 

Our Booster Club

Founded by a parent in 2019, the mission of the HTH Athletics Booster Club is to create a growing and sustainable athletics program at the HTH Point Loma Village. The Booster Club supports all sports, as well as the Athletic Director, and is helping plan for the future. The Booster Club meets once a month. Contact Audrey Gans at if you’d like to join!

Our Team Parents

Our coaches can’t do it alone! Team parents can help facilitate communication about practices and games, run concessions and admissions, coordinate carpools, and support our coaches in lots of different ways. We are always looking for volunteers – this is a great way to give back to the HTH community!

2 Athlete Requirements


All players must get officially “cleared” to play HTH sports. This includes having a sports physical and filling out all required forms, which can be found here This clearance must be complete before participating in any tryouts, practices or games. 

Communication with Teachers

Athletes will also need to communicate with their teachers/advisory/deans about early dismissals and make up all required work. It is the athlete’s responsibility to communicate with teachers. Teacher Acknowledgement Form

Multi-Sport Athletes

If students are interested in participating in more than one sport during a season, they must first ask/get permission from each of the team coaches of the teams they want to be on.  It is the player’s responsibility to have clear communication with each coach regarding their 2 team schedule.  Players who choose to do this must demonstrate extra respect and communication to our volunteer coaches who are willing to work around their multi-sports season schedule as well as keep their eligibility in our education based athletics program.  


Please be on time to practice. Communicate with your coach if you will be late or absent from practice. There is NO early release for practices.

Athlete/Coach Communication

Playing on a team teaches our students important life skills, like how to respectfully communicate with adults. We like to empower our athletes to initiate conversations about playing time and roles on the team with a coach prior to a parent stepping in. We ask that parents encourage their students to do this, and to schedule a meeting with coaches or the Athletic Director on the rare occasion that issues cannot be resolved between the students and their coaches.

3 Parents, Family, & Non-Athlete Students: Opportunities to Be Involved

All parents and other family members (ask a grandma or uncle!) are encouraged to become active participants in athletics. Join the booster club, consider being a team parent, or volunteer to coach! Students who aren’t interested in playing on a team but who want to be a part of this exciting community, should contact Michal Lynn and talk about ways to get involved – become a team manager, run the scoreboard, help the teams fundraise, write sports articles or take pictures for the Storm newsletter, create school spirit in your advisory or ASB.  (all adults looking to volunteer in the program will need to go thru the fingerprinting process thru HTH)

4 Team Communication 

Because we have students from all three schools participating on our teams, communication is really important – and can be a challenge. Each team may choose a different way to communicate. Often this is through an app like Team Up or Spond. Some coaches may choose to have team parents facilitate team communication.  The Booster Club and the Athletic Director are available to support all volunteer parents to help teams get organized. 

5 Transportation

All athletes are responsible for finding their own rides to practices and  away games.  Carpools are very important and we rely on them.  All students driving need to fill out the appropriate paperwork.  You can get all of them at your Site Manager’s desk.  Please make sure to fill this out for insurance purposes.

6 Dress Code 

All players will be issued a school uniform for games. Uniforms must be returned at the end of the season prior to the  awards ceremony in order to receive your sports letter and certificate. For practices, all athletes are to come properly dressed to work out and practice. No tank tops or non-athletic shoes. Coaches will provide you with a list of any additional equipment you might need. Please contact the Athletic Director if you are not able to wear any of the listed equipment for practice (and games).

7 Game Day!

The Athletic Director informs school Site Managers (front desk) on Athletics who will be dismissed early from school for games. Coach, captain or a team parent will also notify players of their school release time.  Please do not try to leave earlier as it may jeopardize the whole program’s ability to have an early release. Attendance for the day is required to play in a game.  If you do need to leave early or miss school for some reason, please make sure to communicate with the appropriate staff, including your coach and AD. You must be in 3 class periods to play in a game.  Please remember game schedules are subject to change.  Last minute communication may happen on game day. 

8 Expenses & Donations

HTH Athletics programs are funded by donations and fundraisers. Each team costs $3,000-$7,000 a season to run.  The Athletic Director is able to share exact costs for each sport with the team parents, who will communicate and develop a fundraising plan with team’s families to support the costs of the sport.  It is very important that we work as a team to try to offset our costs so we can continue to have STORM TEAMS year after year. 

Storm Booster Club does a Fall and Spring fundraising campaign to help with these costs.  The booster club also supports our baseball and basketball concession sales, which goes into the athletic budget and towards the sports the program.

Please support the online campaign, by donating whatever you can.

Our estimated cost for each player is $175 per sport.  However, No donation is too small!!

9 Team Fundraisers

In addition to raising funds for the sports cost, many parents choose to do additional team fundraisers to raise money for an end of the season party and/or coaches’ gifts. All fundraising plans must be approved by the Athletic Director.  

10 Events

We have several events each season for our teams. At the end of each season, an awards ceremony is held to recognize all students who participated. In addition, each team has a senior night, where we celebrate our Seniors during a game of choice.  HTH will bring flowers and balloons.  It is tradition that the Juniors families put on the event for the Seniors.  This could be a bbq, taco truck, team gifts, team pictures, candy leis, the list goes on and varies from team to team.  


*If you are interested in playing sports for the Village please contact the Athletic Director here.