Students learned how to design and build fun toys designed to meet a disabled child’s needs.

Life Off Autopilot

To explore our personal relationship with technology and unpack the complex role it plays in our existence.

Finding Dory: Saving the Reefs

In Finding Dory: Saving the Coral Reefs Through Captive Breeding, students searched to see how can scientists find creative ways to protect coral reef systems.

Chaos or Community

In Chaos or Community: Learning to Listen How Dialogue Can Save Us All, a student created play on History of Police Brutality & Civil Rights

Humans of HTH

In Humans of HTH: The Art and Science of a Meaningful Life, students in English and Physics will study how photography can capture meaningful images.


The evolution of art in Western civilization is an epic journey, a mirror to humanity’s past from its ancient roots.

Humans vs. Nature

What is impacting the environment in San Diego and why is it occurring?

Urban Re-Farm

What are the motives, practices & philosophies that characterize humans’ production of food & water?