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Student Projects

Liberty Station Then and Now

Authors: Ruby Rodrigues, Jami Saville, Janna Steffan, Georgia Figueroa

Grade: 2nd

Subject: Language Arts

Children answering questions
presenting work
children with drawings
Listening to presentatino

The community our school lies in has so much rich history! We knew that students would be fascinated to know that our very own building used to house a pool for Navy Seal Team 6 to train in! There are so many interesting stories to gather from the people who knew this community as NTC. We thought this project would be a great entry point for students to delve into learning about the past and how one community can change over time. Through this project, students will also become experts on Liberty Station, as we know it today and how it serves our community in the present.

How is our community connected? What is the history of our school? What are others’ views and memories of Liberty Station?

  • Interview members of the community to learn about the history of Liberty Station and its past as a Naval Training Center.
  • Visit businesses within Liberty Station to learn about how they serve our community in the present day.
  • Understand how to use a compass and map to locate places within our community.
  • Construct and develop an interactive map of Liberty Station for other children to use.
  • Students will work together to draft historical narratives, a report of current businesses, a summary of the individuals they interviewed and why these are places kids should visit.
  • Students will practice reading with fluency and expression in order to audio record their work for the final website.
  • Create and organize information in a digital format that makes it accessible for children to explore Liberty Station.

Students will work together to create a kid friendly website to encourage families to understand the history of the area and fun activities that they can do together.