For seven days in March 2014, A group of students in San Marcos, California had a choice. They could: A) Hike the Coast-to-Crest Trail, spanning 72 miles across the entire San Dieguito River Valley Watershed from Volcan Mountain to the beach at Del Mar – or B) Work with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and market experts in order to design a product and create a company to produce and sell it. Some of the pieces in this anthology are about these adventures. Some of them aren’t. That’s the thing about choosing your own adventure: once you start, you can’t predict where it will take you. So open this book and come with us on our adventures. You can experience the hike and get advice on how to invest your money, but you can also find out where to find the best California Burrito in North County, find out about a scandal in the world fencing, go on the run with a Ukrainian dissident, and so much more. We chose our own adventures. Now choose yours.

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