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Student Projects

First Grade Community Study and Magazine

Author: Patricia Lim

Grade: 1st

Subjects: Art, Graphic Design, Humanities

Drawing: Dance Place of San Diego
Drawing of HTHI: search for three teenagers
Drawing: Panera Bread
Drawing: Liberty station entrance

What makes up a community?  What is in the immediate community of our school?

A community is a system. It has many parts that work together to perform a function. Room 2 students visited places around our Liberty Station neighborhood to learn about how different members of the community contribute to the whole community.  In groups, the children first brainstormed and listed all the places they knew of in Liberty Station. I made some phone calls to see who we could visit and interview. The children generated questions. In six groups, they toured the places and interviewed people that work there. They took pictures along the way and pictures inside the buildings. We videotaped the interviews and took some notes. Each of the students wrote an article about the place they visited, and together with their group, made a special page, like an ad, a game, or a painting. It was their first experience as journalists. They are very proud of their magazine. We hope these articles help you learn more about our Liberty Station community.

Our Community Magazine (PDF)
As a final product, we compiled all of the articles, photography, and artwork into a magazine, entitled, Our Community.


Books! Books! Books!
This article describes our local children’s bookstore Yellow Book Road


Dance Place San Diego
Painting of a local dance studio


HTHI Search
One child chose to illustrate an article with a search puzzle about High Tech High International.


Our Community
This painting of the gate to Liberty Station became our magazine’s cover.


Panera Bread
Poster illustrating a local bakery and cafe