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Student Projects

Off the Wall Together

Authors: Ashley Carrico, Christine Kuhl

Grade: 4th

Subjects: Art, Language Arts

Notes on the wall
Notes on the wall
Writing about skateboards
Questions for our skateboarders
notes on the wall
Making a skateboard
Group photo of skateboarders
Children gathering in classroom
Group photo with skateboards

In this project students will be asked to be:

  • Builders/unbuilders
  • Authors
  • Editors
  • Artists
  • Poets
  • Athletes

One goal of this project is to strengthen our classroom community through learning a new skill together (riding a skateboard or learning a new trick) and encouraging each other.

After researching various ways to individualize their decks, in art with Ms. Tasi, students will create a deck that tells us something about their unseen strengths, passions, or a newfound resilience learned during this process.

Students will create a two-page, informational layout to teach readers about an aspect of skateboarding they experienced and/or researched.

Students will self reflect on their strengths & passions and write a piece of poetry describing the attributes that people may not know or see.

Students will deconstruct and learn the parts of a skateboard and their function as well as build their own individual skateboard.

What can we learn about each other and ourselves through skateboarding?
What lessons from learning how to skateboard can we use throughout our 4th grade year?

Other Questions to Explore:

  • Who are skateboarders?
  • What skills do skateboarders need?
  • What is the history of skateboarding?
  • What do we need to know to design and
  • build our own skateboard?
  • What can we learn from the skateboarding community?
  • What is bias?
  • What are our biases about skateboarding/skateboarders?
  • What are our own biases?
  • How can we break down our own biases?
  • What are my strengths to contribute to the classroom community?
  • Were there other strengths that I learned I had through this project?
  • How do I perceive myself and how do others perceive me?

Language Arts:
can clearly write to inform and to explain my ideas. W.4.2
I can conduct short research projects to help me learn about topics.W.4.7
I can research and use what I have experienced to gather information. W.4.8 I can gather evidence from my reading to support my writing. W.4.9
I can plan, revise, and edit my writing with the help of my peers and adults. W.4.5
I can use technology to create pieces of writing and to interact and share ideas with others. W.4.6

  • Students will have the opportunity to interview David Stankhe a High Tech High Media Arts math teacher and former professional skateboarder.
  • Students will have the opportunity to hear a presentation on the history of skateboarding by Matt Hilland.
  • Lessons through Ocean Beach Skate and Surf at Ocean Beach Skate Park-3 Lessons in the month of September
  • Field Trip to Sector 9 Skateboard Factory