The Chocolate Project

First grade students learned about rainforests, ecosystems, agriculture, history, the economics of trade, and cooking by studying the history of chocolate.

Nature or Nurture

“Do you know what symbiosis is?” reads the first line of the book Evolving Ecologists, …

Operation Story Cushion

Students interviewed younger children and parents in a school next to military housing in order to create a “story cushion” — a pillow with voice recorded chips so children could listen to their parent’s voice whenever they wanted.

In My Shoes

Students learned about shoe design before creating their own in order to explore them as a point for a study of identity and diversity.

Light of Kindness

Students learned about properties of light and the effect it has on certain materials via experiments before writing shadow puppet plays.

Come Play With Us

Kindergarten students create an inquiry-based project about the nature of play, and in the process transformed an unused piece of land into a new play area.

Off the Wall Together

In this project students will be asked to be: Builders/unbuilders, authors, editors, artists, poets, athletes.

Community Magazine

In 1st Grade Community Magazine, questions like “What makes up a community?” and “What is in the immediate community of our school?” are explored.

Through My Eyes

In Through My Eyes: Photography and Literacy, third grade students undertook a year-long study of photography, integrating science, literacy, writing, social studies, and art.

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