Fundraisers at HTH

Support our Forensic Science Biology ProjectFunds will directly supply our PCR, Blood Typing & Hair Analysis labs which will help students complete research work for the California Innocence Project.Support Us >>

Help 9th Graders Build Their Own Libraries!Access to their own chosen books will help students gain empathy and understanding for world literature for their upcoming Changed by Chairs project.Support Us >>

Support Roadtrip Nation: HTH!Send students on the road in San Diego and beyond to meet leaders, gain advice, and discover their future selves.Support Us >>

Support the HTH Explore San Diego IntersessionEach day of this High Tech High intersession, students will be adventurers in their own city, learning about its culture, exploring its diverse neighborhoods, and attending community events.Support Us >>

Support the HTH Iron Chef IntersessionEach day of the HTH Iron Chef Intersession students will learn a different cooking technique and prepare a specialty dish for lunch such as sushi, risotto, and tamales. Students will not need to buy or purchase a lunch during intersession.Support Us >>

Support the High School Stem Cell LabThe High Tech High Stem Cell Core Facility was started in September of 2017 by a group of senior high school students. The mission of the stem cell core is to use stem cell research to cure disease and help the world.Support Us >>

HTH SD AthleticsOur athletics program is by and large funded by the donations of our families, friends, supporters, and fundraising efforts that we are able to support. Without these generous contributions, we would not be in a position to offer or grow our various program offerings.Support Us >>

Support HTHYour gift helps teachers guide students toward developing relevant academic, workplace, and citizenship skills in preparation for students to pursue diverse opportunities in life. The successes of High Tech students wouldn’t be possible without a community of support.Support Us >>