Joe Bandini

Joe Bandini grew up outside of Boston, and graduated from The New England Institute of Business with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He spent many years working toward fulfilling his dream of moving his life to San Diego and did so in 2014. Joe left the financial industry behind in 2018 to work in […]

Adam Shmidt

Hello everyone! I was born and raised in New York, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Brooklyn College, encountered my lifelong intellectual hero, Socrates, and discovered my passion for teaching and learning. After graduating, I taught English as a Second Language before moving to Atlanta in 2012, where I earned a master’s […]

Michael Chin

Michael Chin graduated from UCSD with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Secondary Science Education. He was introduced to High Tec through student teaching 10th grade Chemistry at High Tech High International and North County. He worked as a 12th grade Academic Coach before pursuing his Masters of Education High Tech High’s Graduate […]