From the Classroom to the Kitchen: De la Clase a la Cocina is a bilingual multicultural cookbook made possible by the work of a 24 10th-grade students at High Tech High in San Diego, CA. Each student contributed at least one special recipe from their own family or community. In addition, this book was made possible by the collaboration between High Tech High and Casa Familiar, a non-profit organization serving the community of San Ysidro, CA, a community located just south of San Diego on the U.S.-Mexico border. Casa Familiar provides social, educational, and cultural services to the community, and the proceeds from this book will be used to support their efforts and our current and continued collaboration. For example, students will build a community hydroponic garden at one of Casa Familiar’s community centers, where poor soil quality limits the growth of fruits and vegetables in soil gardens. In addition, students will prepare educational materials so that community members can replicate these gardens and grow healthy and low-cost foods in their own homes. We hope you enjoy the recipes and thank you for supporting the health, education, and integration of our communities.

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