COVID-19 Information

Dear High Tech High Families,

In a previous email we outlined HTH's plan for implementing distance learning in the event we did not reopen schools on April 7th.  San Diego Unified School District released a press release last night, indicating that they will not be returning on April 6th and will be implementing distance learning for all of their schools through the month of April.  We have officially decided that we follow suit and will not return for in person instruction on April 7th.

When HTH teachers return on April 6th, they will spend that week designing and piloting plans for distance learning.  We will be reaching out for your thoughts and feedback as we do this work.

We will roll out our approach to distance learning the week of April 13th and you will receive detailed information from your child’s teachers about what to expect going forward.  We are asking teachers to plan for their first distance learning module from April 13th - May 8th. Our hope is that by that time, we may be able to return to school, but if that is not the case, we will begin a second module that will run until the end of the year.

Leaders and teachers from across High Tech High have been working to design a framework for distance learning at our schools and create the infrastructure necessary to support that plan.  We’ll continue to engage in this work over spring break using your input regarding your technology access to help us craft an approach tailored to our community’s needs.

If your family currently does not have reliable internet access, please see the options that local internet companies are offering as families try to stay informed.  Getting Internet Access: Available Plans

Thank you for your patience and support. 




Estimadas HTH familias,

En un correo electrónico anterior, describimos el plan de HTH para implementar el aprendizaje a distancia en caso de que no volviéramos a abrir las escuelas el 7 de abril. El Distrito Escolar Unificado de San Diego lanzó un comunicado de prensa anoche, indicando que no regresarán el 6 de abril y que implementarán el aprendizaje a distancia para todas sus escuelas durante el mes de abril. Hemos decidido oficialmente que hacemos lo mismo y no volveremos para recibir instrucción en persona el 7 de abril.

Cuando los maestros de HTH regresan el 6 de abril, pasarán esa semana diseñando y poniendo a prueba planes para el aprendizaje a distancia. Nos pondremos en contacto para solicitar sus pensamientos y comentarios mientras hacemos este trabajo.

Implementaremos nuestro enfoque de la educación a distancia la semana del 13 de abril y su familia recibirá información detallada de los maestros de su hijo/a sobre qué esperar en el futuro. Estamos pidiendo a los maestros que planifiquen su primer módulo de aprendizaje a distancia para el 13 de abril al 8 de mayo. Nuestra esperanza es que para ese momento, podamos regresar a la escuela, pero si ese no es el caso, comenzaremos un segundo módulo que se ejecutará hasta el final del año escolar.

Los líderes y maestros de High Tech High han estado trabajando para diseñar un marco de referencia para el aprendizaje a distancia en nuestras escuelas y crear la infraestructura necesaria para apoyar ese plan. Continuaremos participando en este trabajo durante las vacaciones de primavera, utilizando su aportación con respecto a su acceso a la tecnología para ayudarnos a diseñar un enfoque adaptado a las necesidades de nuestra comunidad.

Si su familia actualmente no tiene acceso confiable a internet, vea las opciones que las compañías locales de internet ofrecen mientras las familias intentan mantenerse informadas. Obtención de acceso a Internet: planes disponibles

Gracias por su paciencia y apoyo.

Please visit our COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) Updates page for all developments. - updated March 24, 2020
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Staff Directory

9th Grade
  • Mark Aguirre 9th Grade Humanities
    This is a photo of Mark Aguirre
    Mark Aguirreclick here to go to Mark Aguirre\s digital portfolio
    9th Grade Humanities

    Mark has been teaching Humanities at High Tech High since 2001. He began his teaching career at Point Loma High School and Scripps Ranch High School. Raised in the small town of Fillmore, California where his family raised oranges, Mark is the oldest of ten children. He graduated from Cal State-Chico where he received his bachelor’s degree in history, with the focus being on Classical Civilizations. In 1987, he earned his teaching credential from San Diego State. Mark has three children- Joshua a postman in Denver, Jacob a contractor in Lake Havasu and Jessica a student at Smith and two grandchildren. His passions include playing poker, reading books about classical history and listening to be-bop jazz.

  • Amilio Aviles 9th Grade Physics
    This is a photo of Amilio Aviles
    Amilio Avilesclick here to go to Amilio Aviles\s digital portfolio
    9th Grade Physics

    Amilio was born and raised in San Diego. He went to traditional schools but always dreamed of a school like High Tech High. He got his bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering at MIT and followed up with a Masters in the same at UCSD.

    Amilio worked for 8 years as an engineer focusing on unmanned systems and "drones".  He worked in civilian and defense industries; at large companies and small start ups.  All the while, he volunteered doing international development projects and science labs with local schools.

    After years of teaching science informally to all age groups, Amilio was thrilled to have the opportunity to join the team at High Tech High. He brings his love of science and engineering and a passion for helping people.


  • Dylan Bier 9th Grade Math
    This is a photo of Dylan Bier
    Dylan Bier
    9th Grade Math

    Dylan is a native San Diegan who who grew up surfing, swimming, and free-diving around Sunset Cliffs and La Jolla. In 2015, he earned his B.S. in Mathematics from UCLA where he also studied film theory and production. In addition to his academic endeavors, he used his time at UCLA to connect with student filmmakers and photographers on campus and became the Finance Director of the Film and Photography Society, an award-winning student organization on campus. After graduating, he served as COO for a small, startup nonprofit, Thought Lounge, dedicated to fostering the practice of intentional, face-to-face dialogue in colleges. Through this work, he was inspired to get involved in education where he hopes to teach mathematics in a way that helps students enjoy and find meaning in it.
  • Melissa Brandenburg 9th Grade Physics
    This is a photo of Melissa Brandenburg
    Melissa Brandenburg
    9th Grade Physics

    I first found an interest in teaching when I was 7 years old, and decided to play "School" with my little sister during summer breaks, where I was the teacher and she was my student. I would spend hours teaching her what I had learned during the year on little Barbie whiteboards in messy handwriting. This interest stuck with me throughout my life, and eventually evolved into one of my greatest passions.

    When I attended undergrad at UCSD for Biology and Marine Science, I aspired to conduct groundbreaking research. However, my first job there was a teaching position in a UCSD led organization named SISTERS that stole my heart and showed me how learning and teaching thrive in a project based learning environment. Every semester, I worked with a 5th and 6th grade all girls class to teach STEM in an innovative, PBL way to sustain and promote young women's interest in STEM.  I am now thrilled to do the same with 9th graders here at HTH!

    Outside of school I love being outdoors with my two dogs, going to antique stores with my husband, finding and collecting fossils, shopping for rad fashions, working out with aerial silks, and listening to Beyonce.
  • Taya Chase Integrated Math Teacher
    This is a photo of Taya Chase
    Taya Chaseclick here to go to Taya Chase\s digital portfolio
    Integrated Math Teacher

    Taya Chase grew up among the redwood trees in Humboldt County, northern California. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Art from San Diego State University in 2011. She worked in the San Diego Superior Courts for several years before pursuing her Teaching Credential in Mathematics from SDSU.

    Taya is excited to start her second year of teaching in the HTH community. She has a passion for Math, Art, Social Justice and the great outdoors. When Taya isn’t teaching, she can be found hiking or camping in the most remote locations of San Diego.
  • Juli Ruff 9th Grade Humanities
    This is a photo of Juli Ruff
    Juli Ruffclick here to go to Juli Ruff\s digital portfolio
    9th Grade Humanities

    Juli has been teaching Humanities at High Tech High since 2007. She began her teaching career while working with the Peace Corp and living in Armenia. Since that point, she has taught in many different settings, including a boarding school for gifted artists, the swamps, rivers and Everglades of Florida on canoes, a public school in northern Idaho, and a private school specializing in students who like to throw themselves off of large jumps on skis and snowboards, and then twist their bodies in flips through the air, usually landing upright. Juli received here bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s College in English and art and her teaching credentials in English, art and social studies from Lewis Clark State College. Taking after her grandfather, Juli is a hobby person, and recently built a classical guitar, started a vegetable garden and spends great amounts of time with her husband and wonderful Golden Retriever.
  • Mike Strong 9th Grade Humanities
    This is a photo of Mike Strong
    Mike Strongclick here to go to Mike Strong\s digital portfolio
    9th Grade Humanities

    After graduating from Holtville High School in Holtville, CA (The carrot capitol of the world), I attended Point Loma Nazarene University right here in San Diego where I ran track & field and cross-country for 4 years. After realizing that being a music business major wasn'’t helping my rock star career, I graduated with a B.A. in literature, a minor in music and a girl that said she would marry me. I earned a teaching credential at PLNU and finished my student teaching at High Tech High International where I taught 9th grade in 2005 before moving to High Tech Middle Media Arts.  I taught 7th grade Humanities at the middle school for six years before moving to THE High Tech High. I enjoy fishing, writing, playing in a rock band, tinkering and coaching track and cross country for the High Tech High Schools.  

    My wife, Sarah, is a 10th grade math teacher at HTH and we live in Clairemont with our beautiful kids Poema and Canon.
  • Mary Wolfrey 9th Grade Physics
    This is a photo of Mary Wolfrey
    Mary Wolfrey
    9th Grade Physics

    Mary was born and raised in rural Virginia, where her family still resides. After spending her childhood in and around the water, she graduated with her BS in Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Science from Old Dominion University. After her undergrad, she worked as a research assistant studying deep sea bacteria and fungus, she also worked as a plankton specialist, and taught oceanography labs.

    In 2015, she decided to pack her car and head west to California in search of a new adventure. Little did she know, this adventure would take her back to the South, the South Pole that is! She worked aboard the R/V Nathaniel B Palmer, surveying krill populations in the Antarctic Peninsula. After returning to San Diego from this expedition, Mary decided to continue her passion for teaching science. She enjoys engaging students in meaningful learning experiences through outdoor education.

    During her free time Mary enjoys cooking, swimming, hiking, taking her dog to the beach, and constantly learning new things about our wonderful planet.
10th Grade
  • Adam Borek 10th Grade Humanities
    This is a photo of Adam Borek
    Adam Borekclick here to go to Adam Borek\s digital portfolio
    10th Grade Humanities

    Adam is a perpetual student with a natural curiosity for the world around him.  After graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Economics, he worked in large scale steel construction management.  Steel allowed Adam to collaborate on many unique engineering projects, including aircraft carriers, submarines, and even the substructure of the largest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, One World Trade Center.

    Considering himself an experiential learner, Adam’s diverse employment background helps shape his educational philosophy.  From his first job as a mechanic’s assistant at the age of fourteen, he worked as a mason, welder, firefighter, arborist, rock climbing instructor, construction manager, and restaurant manager.  One common thread has been integral to Adam’s lifestyle since his teenage years, and that is working with young people.  From providing underprivileged children with opportunities to experience the outdoors in Philadelphia to coaching and mentoring here in San Diego, Adam has enjoyed helping young people experience and learn about the world around them for the last thirteen years.  He is proud to call his love of teaching and learning a career here at  High Tech High.

    Climbing, surfing, and exploring are Adam’s passions outside of school.
  • Brian Delgado 10th Grade Math
    This is a photo of Brian Delgado
    Brian Delgadoclick here to go to Brian Delgado\s digital portfolio
    10th Grade Math

  • Glenn Evans 10th Grade Spanish
    This is a photo of Glenn Evans
    Glenn Evans
    10th Grade Spanish

  • Lisa Griffin 10th Grade Humanities
    This is a photo of Lisa Griffin
    Lisa Griffinclick here to go to Lisa Griffin\s digital portfolio
    10th Grade Humanities

    Lisa Griffin is thrilled to be part of the amazing High Tech High staff, relocating in 2015 from 20 years in Oakland and San Francisco working in arts education, outdoor education, classroom teaching, and teaching graduate students.  She has traveled through New England facilitating the creative collaboration of a troupe of teen theater minstrel artists, led backpacking trips on and around Mount Lassen, supervised and worked on high ropes courses, and has facilitated far too many icebreaker games.  In her most recent work in Deep East Oakland at Elmhurst Community Prep, she worked as a reading specialist and instructional coach for middle school history teachers, while serving on the Instructional Leadership team.  She is honored to have extensive training and coaching from six years in collaboration with the National Equity Project.  In Spring of 2015, she taught Adolescent Psychology to credential candidates in graduate school at UC Berkeley.  Lisa is grateful to collaborate with the dynamic staff at HTH while also mentoring teachers and teaching Reading Across the Content Areas at the HTH Grad School of Education, and to combine her passions for literature and history with projects that incorporate performing arts and themes of social justice and storytelling.

    Though she was born in San Diego, Lisa moved every two or three years of her life, so San Diego was only “home” for kindergarten and college (at UCSD), as well as her annual summer vacation destination to visit extended family.  She is thrilled to be back, and to live near her parents and in-laws.  She is always looking out for new students, knowing that experience all too well.  She lived up and down the West Coast, in Michigan, in the Philippines, and in Ireland during part of college.  She has been impacted personally by two revolutions, having witnessed the People Power Revolution in the Philippines, and having traveled to Berlin, Germany, the year the wall came down.  When she is not at school, she is happiest swimming at the beach and playing games with her husband, Koichi, and their two sons, Kane and Ando.
  • Andrew Lerario 10th Grade Chemistry
    This is a photo of Andrew Lerario
    Andrew Lerario
    10th Grade Chemistry

    Andrew Lerario works at HTH!
  • Jim McCue 10th Grade Math
    This is a photo of Jim McCue
    Jim McCue
    10th Grade Math

    I'm excited to join the High Tech High family! I spent the last few years in the Pacific Northwest, and before that, taught algebra in the Southeast. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy endurance athletics, seeing new places, and spending time with family!
11th Grade
  • Margaret Egler 11th Grade Humanities
    This is a photo of Margaret Egler
    Margaret Eglerclick here to go to Margaret Egler\s digital portfolio
    11th Grade Humanities

    I grew up in Long Beach and on my parents' avocado farm outside of Fallbrook, where my family spent weekends building a home without using electricity or running water -- thankfully they have both now! I spent four freezing years in Connecticut studying American studies (an interdisciplinary major focusing on history, political science, and literature) at Yale. Inspired by my college experience to explore the world, I moved to Washington D.C. and worked for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan for a year, spent a year as a substitute teacher, and then traveled internationally for a year. When I returned to California, I spent three rainy years in San Francisco earning my J.D. from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

    A week after graduating from law school, I married my husband Tom, also a newly minted lawyer, and moved to that overlooked jewel of a city, Pittsburgh. I clerked for a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

    Homesick for my family and the avocados, I convinced Tom to move to San Diego. I practiced labor and employment law for several years before immersing myself in community, non-profit and educational pursuits, including serving as the founding advisory board chair for the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego, the president and board chair of the Junior League of San Diego, and the board chair of Explorer Elementary (now HTeX).

    I am a graduate of the HTH Teacher Credentialing Program with credentials in English, Social Science, and Inclusion. Tom and I and our three children (an HTH grad who is in college and two HTH students) live in Point Loma with our two dogs and two cats.
  • Pat Holder 11th Grade Humanites
    This is a photo of Pat Holder
    Pat Holderclick here to go to Pat Holder\s digital portfolio
    11th Grade Humanites

    Pat Holder is originally from Los Angeles, CA and has resided in San Diego since 2005. When he is not teaching Humanities at HTH he is likely spending time with his family, camping in baja or working on his house.
  • Sapna Iyer 11th Grade Humanities
    This is a photo of Sapna Iyer
    Sapna Iyerclick here to go to Sapna Iyer\s digital portfolio
    11th Grade Humanities

  • Peter Jana 11th Grade Humanities
    This is a photo of Peter Jana
    Peter Janaclick here to go to Peter Jana\s digital portfolio
    11th Grade Humanities

    I’m a San Diego native who was educated at San Diego State University and the Claremont Graduate School. One of the highlights of my life as a student was living in Paris, France, where I had the opportunity to study the language and meet a wide variety of people from around the world. I have also taught on deployed Navy warships as a community college instructor. I currently teach 11th and 12th grade humanities at The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High and classes in reading and writing methods and the philosophy of education for the HTH credentialing program. My interests include music, reading, travel, cinema (including HBO series!), and spending leisurely Sunday mornings with the newspaper.
  • Kalle Palmer 11th Grade Biology
    This is a photo of Kalle Palmer
    Kalle Palmerclick here to go to Kalle Palmer\s digital portfolio
    11th Grade Biology

    Kalle has been teaching at High Tech High since January 2016. She made her way to teaching when she realized the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of her previous work environments was working with and teaching teenagers. Kalle brings with her a rich multi-disciplinary background which includes nearly eight-years in the event planning industry proceeded by four years of research and work in aquariums, as a scientific diver, SCUBA instructor and grad student. She continues her research assessing World War II cultural heritage sites as artificial reefs in the Pacific Ocean during summer breaks.
    Kalle received her B.A. from the University of Washington School of Architecture and Urban Planning with a Major in Community, Environment and Planning and Minors in History and Finnish Language. Kalle has a Meeting and Event Mangement Certification from the University of Oregon. She returned to school after years in the event industry to receive an Certificate in Aquarium Science from the Oregon Coast Community College and received her M.S. from the University of Guam in Environmental Science.
  • John Santos 11th Grade Environmental Science
    This is a photo of John Santos
    John Santosclick here to go to John Santos\s digital portfolio
    11th Grade Environmental Science

    I've been fortunate to call High Tech High my home for over 10 years now. It has been incredible to be part of the meaningful, relevant project based-learning that has gone on at our schools. Exploring the sciences with students is one of my strongest passions and project-based learning is fundamental to my teaching philosophy. In addition to learning from our immediate community of educators, I've had the chance to collaborate and learn from the most progressive, inspirational, inventive educators around the world during my time as an educator. I look forward to collaborative work that lies ahead…
  • Jordan Sipes 11th Grade Math
    This is a photo of Jordan Sipes
    Jordan Sipes
    11th Grade Math

  • Sarah Strong 11th and 12th Grade Math
    This is a photo of Sarah Strong
    Sarah Strongclick here to go to Sarah Strong\s digital portfolio
    11th and 12th Grade Math

    Sarah Strong is entering her tenth year teaching for the High Tech organization and her second year at High Tech High! For her first 6 years, she worked at High Tech Middle teaching 6th grade math/science. In her seventh year, Sarah got the opportunity to support math organization-wide. She taught one year at High Tech High North County before landing at High Tech High last year.

    Raised in the SF Bay Area, Sarah moved to San Diego in 2001 to attend college. She graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2005 with her BS in Mathematics. She went on to get her teaching credential from PLNU as well. She was a member of the inaugural cohort of the Teacher Leadership Program in the High Tech High Graduate School of Education and she completed her thesis on the use of open-ended math problems in 2009.

    Sarah has a daughter, Poema Grace, who is 5.5 years old and a son, Canon David Lawrence, who is 4. Sarah loves the beautiful outdoors and one of her favorite places is Yosemite where she goes every summer. She also loves running and has competed in three marathons and nine half marathons! This summer Sarah celebrated her nine year anniversary with her husband, Mike, who teaches ninth grade humanities at HTH. They are very happy to be a part of the High Tech Village and can sometimes be seen after school coaching and running with the High School Cross Country and Track teams!
  • Jesse Wade-Robinson 11th Grade Biology
    This is a photo of Jesse Wade-Robinson
    Jesse Wade-Robinsonclick here to go to Jesse Wade-Robinson\s digital portfolio
    11th Grade Biology

    Jesse has been teaching at High Tech High for the past 15 years. At High Tech High, she has built submarines, solved crimes, and made discoveries about heart disease with her students. Jesse currently teaches Biology and supervises internships.

    Jesse a proud Banana Slug, Aztec, and Triton. She received her bachelor’s degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from UC Santa Cruz, her teaching credential from San Diego State University, and her Masters of Arts in Education from UC San Diego

    Jesse loves teaching and learning and is passionate about science, education and creating positive change in our communities. She spends much of her free time exploring these passions. Jesse recently started the Stem Cell Core Facility at High Tech High where students can experiment on live mouse cells in order to better understand and treat disease.

    In her spare time Jesse likes to surf, swim, run, read, and spend time with her family.
12th Grade
  • Nira Chandrasekar Engineering Teacher
    This is a placeholder image of Nira Chandrasekar
    Nira Chandrasekar
    Engineering Teacher

  • Lora ChauDavis 12th Grade Visual Technology
    This is a photo of Lora ChauDavis
    Lora ChauDavisclick here to go to Lora ChauDavis\s digital portfolio
    12th Grade Visual Technology

    Lora ChauDavis graduated from High Tech High in 2010 and currently teaches 12th grade Visual Technology. When she is not in the classroom, she is either drawing or cleaning up after her dogs.
  • Lucera Gallegos 12th Grade Art
    This is a photo of Lucera Gallegos
    Lucera Gallegos
    12th Grade Art

  • Christopher Nho 12th Grade Math
    This is a photo of Christopher Nho
    Christopher Nho
    12th Grade Math

    I will be teaching calculus this year to seniors at High Tech High.
  • Sarah Strong 11th and 12th Grade Math
    This is a photo of Sarah Strong
    Sarah Strongclick here to go to Sarah Strong\s digital portfolio
    11th and 12th Grade Math

    Sarah Strong is entering her tenth year teaching for the High Tech organization and her second year at High Tech High! For her first 6 years, she worked at High Tech Middle teaching 6th grade math/science. In her seventh year, Sarah got the opportunity to support math organization-wide. She taught one year at High Tech High North County before landing at High Tech High last year.

    Raised in the SF Bay Area, Sarah moved to San Diego in 2001 to attend college. She graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2005 with her BS in Mathematics. She went on to get her teaching credential from PLNU as well. She was a member of the inaugural cohort of the Teacher Leadership Program in the High Tech High Graduate School of Education and she completed her thesis on the use of open-ended math problems in 2009.

    Sarah has a daughter, Poema Grace, who is 5.5 years old and a son, Canon David Lawrence, who is 4. Sarah loves the beautiful outdoors and one of her favorite places is Yosemite where she goes every summer. She also loves running and has competed in three marathons and nine half marathons! This summer Sarah celebrated her nine year anniversary with her husband, Mike, who teaches ninth grade humanities at HTH. They are very happy to be a part of the High Tech Village and can sometimes be seen after school coaching and running with the High School Cross Country and Track teams!
Academic Support
  • Joyce Chen Education Specialist
    This is a photo of Joyce Chen
    Joyce Chen
    Education Specialist

    A true California native, I was born and raised in Los Angeles - I love sunshine, beaches, and a mild temperature between 68 and 80 degrees, preferably with a crisp ocean breeze. After doing some university hopping, I received my BA in Communicative Disorders from California State University Fullerton and relocated to San Diego. I currently have a MS in Special Education from National University, and a MS in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University.
    Working with students is incredibly rewarding, and is truly the best part of the job. My goal is to help students discover their passions and strengths during their schooling. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, maintaining an active lifestyle, dabbling in aerial arts, and trying new restaurants.
  • Bren Jacobsen Education Specialist
    This is a photo of Bren Jacobsen
    Bren Jacobsenclick here to go to Bren Jacobsen\s digital portfolio
    Education Specialist

    I am excited to be working with the talented group of teachers and students here at High Tech High. I was born in Chicago and moved to San Diego for high school. After attending UC San Diego, I worked in sales, production, and management in the litigation support business here in downtown San Diego.

    I moved to San Francisco in the Fall of 2000, in order to attend the credentialing and masters program at San Francisco State University. I was fortunate to gain twelve years of terrific teaching and coaching experience in the East Bay area while serving students with a variety of backgrounds and learning profiles. Now back to San Diego and High Tech High! My interests include teaching, coaching basketball, trains, reading, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
  • Shawn Oluwa Student Support Coordinator
    This is a photo of Shawn Oluwa
    Shawn Oluwa
    Student Support Coordinator

    My childhood was filled with a lot of traveling. Although I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Upon my junior high career, my family, of African descent, returned to Nigeria, West Africa, where I completed both junior high and senior high before returning back to Brooklyn, New York.

    In the fall of 1998, I joined the United States Navy where I served on numerous expeditions. After my successful tour in the Navy, I moved to the Midwest and attended the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. In the fall of 2004, I moved back to San Diego and transferred to San Diego City College. While I was pursuing my Associates degree, I got accepted into California State University - San Marcos. I graduated with both my Associates and my Bachelors in the summer of 2006 with my focus in psychology. In the spring of 2010, I completed my Masters in Psychology with an emphasis in Crisis Management and Response from Walden University. 

    My interests are listening to music, coaching soccer, exercising, dancing, reading, hiking, baking, cooking, and spending time with my lovely wife, our two amazing children, and our 'wannabe dog' cat, Diesel.

  • Jamie Senescall Inclusion Specialist
    This is a photo of Jamie Senescall
    Jamie Senescall
    Inclusion Specialist

    I was born and raised in Minnesota (land of 10,000 lakes!) and graduated from the University of Minnesota, studying ​Sociology​ and Spanish. While in college, I studied abroad in Toledo, Spain ​and enjoyed being fully immersed in another culture. Upon graduation, I taught English abroad in​ Ecuador through the program called WorldTeach​. ​There I ​taught at a small university in Loja and ​feel grateful to have had the opportunity​ to travel, teach, and learn​. After my year abroad, I decided to ​make another move to San Diego. I have been ​out on the west coast for ​five years and love it!

    Education has always been a passion of mine. I've worked​/volunteered ​at several International Schools in Minneapolis​, mostly supporting English Language Learners. ​ This will be my​ third year working within the High Tech High Community and I ​feel extremely lucky and ​honored to be here. ​ I started at ​HTHMA as an ​academic ​coach and was able to see first hand the benefits of inclusion. As an Inclusion Specialist, my goal is to ​create a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for successful learning​. ​ ​I look forward to working with all of you!

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”​ - ​Albert Einstein
  • Michael Shear Apprentice Education Specialist
    This is a photo of Michael Shear
    Michael Shear
    Apprentice Education Specialist

    As the 11th grade Inclusion Specialist, I'm making it my goal to prepare my Juniors for the outside world by helping them to actively develop contingency plans, as well as encouraging them to explore future college and career options.

    I've been called the Wade Wilson of teaching because I believe in readying my students for their future reinforcing ambition, communicating clearly and including humor in every challenge.

    I was born in Central New York, and spent the first 20 years of my life there. While in New York, I attended Onondaga College and Syracuse University: Newhouse.

    In 2000, I moved to San Diego, and attended San Diego State University while working full-time as an editor at Marcoa Publishing and the VGO Network. I graduated with a double major in Journalism/English and a minor in Comparative Literature, as well as a certification in CDIS/American Sign Language. I have worked in San Diego school districts for the last 8 years, and am beyond excited to make High Tech High my new home!

    When I'm not in school, you can find me at the archery range with my 80# compound bow (Vera) and my 45# recurve (Velma). I enjoy board game nights with friends (Betrayal at House on the Hill, Gloomhaven and Dead of Winter are faves!), watching hockey (GO GULLS!), training for the next Spartan race, hiking and getting mileage outdoors when properly baited--a bag of dried bacon usually does the trick! 

    I also read compulsively, binge watch TV shows and have a media library of movies and video games from Atari through the Nintendo Switch! We’re currently playing Borderlands, Rad, Morphie’s Law, Don’t Starve and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

All School
  • Andrew Gloag Director
    This is a photo of Andrew Gloag
    Andrew Gloagclick here to go to Andrew Gloag\s digital portfolio

    Hello! I am Andrew Gloag, and since August 2019, I am the director of High Tech High.  I was born and raised in a small town in North England. In 1989, I attended Oxford University to study physics, later moving to Glasgow then Birmingham for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral work. I moved to San Diego in 1999. In 2001 I became aware of a fledgling school called High Tech High and slowly became involved in the work of the school. I trained for my California Teaching Credential in 2004 and started teaching at HTH soon after. I have taught Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, and Math at all 4 grade levels and have two children enrolled in the school: Nadia in 12th grade and Peter in 9th. My youngest son, Jack, attends High Tech Elementary and is in 4th grade.

    I am honored to be given the role of director here, and I strongly believe in providing our students with an engaging and rigorous project-based educational experience, giving them the opportunity to learn alongside experts in all fields – from Comic Books to Oceanography, Theater to Rocketry, Astronomy to Carpentry.

  • Marcus Bell Dean of Students
    This is a photo of Marcus Bell
    Marcus Bell
    Dean of Students

    Marcus has over 20 years of experience working with urban youth at the Middle school and High school levels. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, (his hometown) he worked as a Counselor, where he helped supervise and develop activities for teens and pre-teens at risk. Soon after he went on to become a Youth Counselor Coordinator and then an Administrator for Student Affairs at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School his Alma Mater. He loves listening to all kinds of music -- from Rock to Soul to Rhythm and Blues. In his spare time he also enjoys hiking, skydiving, bicycling, cooking, going to the movies and walking his jack russell terrier Nomad.
  • Elizabeth Martinez Site Manager
    This is a photo of Elizabeth Martinez
    Elizabeth Martinez
    Site Manager

    Elizabeth Martinez was born in Salinas, California in 1994.

    Although her childhood consisted of moving from city to city every year due to her father's job, at the age of 7 her family finally settled for 11 years in Bakersfield, California where she went to elementary school, middle school, and graduated from High School. After her graduation her family made a quick decision to move to San Diego, California to be closer to family. Here Elizabeth would complete her Associate's in Business Management and Accounting and also complete her Bachelor's in Business Administration from California College San Diego.

    Her Journey in the High Tech High community began five years ago in March 2013, where she started as an Afterschool Assistant for High Tech Elementary Explorer, which at the time was known as Explorer Elementary Charter School. She would later become the After School Program Director which taught her the importance of having an after school program, a program where parents can leave their kids in good hands while they work, and a place where students can build/cultivate relationships with each other and with staff.

    In August 2016 Elizabeth began a new journey/challenge in her life; transitioning to HIGH SCHOOL! She has greatly enjoyed being the Site Manager at The Gary & Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High. There are always new challenges, and new opportunities  that not only the children face but the staff as well. I truly believe HTH strives to help prepare our students for those challenges and how to overcome them, and also gives the staff the opportunity to expand their wings and grow to continue making this place an amazing place for everyone who walks through our doors.
  • Stephanie Antin Community Engagement Specialist
    This is a photo of Stephanie Antin
    Stephanie Antin
    Community Engagement Specialist

    Stephanie is an LA native who spent 15 years in television news and won multiple Emmy awards. She founded her first company in 2004 and then started her own marketing company in 2016. Stephanie specializes in brand awareness and engagement through social media for schools and non-profits.

    Stephanie's three children have grown up in the High Tech village and she is thrilled to be a part of the team! In her spare time, she loves to travel, practice yoga and paddleboard.
  • Misty Bonta School Psychologist
    This is a photo of Misty Bonta
    Misty Bonta
    School Psychologist

    Misty Bonta is the SANDCASP Past President and serves on the CASP Board. She is a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP) with over 12 years of experience working in various educational environments. She has served as a Teacher, Administrator and School Psychologist and possesses extensive experience in elementary, middle, and high school settings.  Her specialty is working with children who have severe emotional, behavioral, social, and academic needs and building/maintaining strong collaborative relationships with staff, teachers, students, and families. She is a proven leader with a demonstrated ability to be a change agent for students, schools, districts, and the field of School Psychology. Misty has been a professor at Alliant University and currently works at High Tech High and High Tech High Media Arts. Her life passions include health, love, music, art, food, culture, animals, travel, and trying to make this world a better place one day at a time.
  • Eduardo Gallardo HTMPL IT Director
    This is a photo of Eduardo Gallardo
    Eduardo Gallardoclick here to go to Eduardo Gallardo\s digital portfolio
    HTMPL IT Director

  • Joseph Hicke IT Director
    This is a photo of Joseph Hicke
    Joseph Hicke
    IT Director

    Joe started at HTH in June of 2007. Joe has worked in the IT Industry for over 10 years. He has done technical support for the Navy and Marine Corps Help Desk, been an IT Director at Lowes Coronado Bay Resort, tested software at Intel and been a Work Flow Manager with Managed Solution, a local IT Consulting company. Joe is a graduate of Coleman College and holds an MCP as a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician and a COMPTia A+ Certification. Prior to entering the IT Field, Joe worked in various aspects of the automotive repair industry.
    Joe has 2 sons, one who graduated HTH in 2008 and one who graduated from HTHMA in 2009, so he has been around HTH for quite a while. He has lived in San Diego for most of his life, spending a year in Oregon and 1 ½  years traveling the US in a motor home with his family - getting to all 48 contiguous states. Joe thoroughly enjoys his position at HTH, and the many students who stop by his office to chat. When not working Joe enjoys boogie boarding, attempting to learn to surf, dancing, traveling and auto racing and sailing
  • Tara Samuels Substitue Teacher
    This is a placeholder image of Tara Samuels
    Tara Samuels
    Substitue Teacher

  • Nicholle Wyatt Director of College Advising
    This is a photo of Nicholle Wyatt
    Nicholle Wyatt
    Director of College Advising

    Hi everyone!!  My name is Nicholle Wyatt.  I grew up on an 80-acre farm located outside Portland, Oregon.  A first generation college student, I attended Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon where I was a nationally ranked handball player (it's like racquetball, but you use your hands) and graduated with a Mass Communications degree.  After three years serving as a college admissions representative there, I went to the U of San Diego where I earned my MA in School Counseling while working in their Undergraduate Admissions Office.

    For the last 19 years, I was the Head College Counselor at Academy Our Lady of Peace (OLP), where I met my husband -- who also works there (a Spanish teacher).  During my tenure at OLP, I kept my hand in the college admissions field by working as an Admissions Reader for UCSD for 12 years and currently for UCLA the past 8 years.  I also served on the Board of Directors for the National Catholic College Admissions Association and was on the Local Advisory Committee for the National College Counseling Conference held in San Diego in 2015.  I have been on the National College Fair Committee for over 18 years and am the WACAC SLC-San Diego Conference Chair.

    For the past 3 summers, I have served as an Admissions Coach for USC's Bovard Scholars Program -- a 3-week residential program that works with high achieving, rising seniors from under-resourced schools and I match them with top-tier universities while walking them through the college application process.  This year, I was the Lead Admissions Coach -- a position they created for me!

    In my free time, I enjoy playing and coaching sports (my 7 year old daughter, Natalie, plays soccer, softball and golf -- basketball is next!!).  Fun fact:  I'm a HUGE Disneyland and Portland Trailblazers fan.  I am so excited for this new chapter of my college counseling career -- as a member of the HTH family!
  • Judy Zapien EL Coordinator
    This is a photo of Judy Zapien
    Judy Zapienclick here to go to Judy Zapien\s digital portfolio
    EL Coordinator

    I am Judy Zapien and I am originally from Southern New Mexico/El Paso, Texas. I received my BA in Political Science from UT El Paso and my MA in Education with a specialization in Special Education and a Minor in Spanish Linguistics from New Mexico State University. I contribute to the High Tech High community my personal experience, knowledge, compassion towards building community, collaboration, learning, and growing.  My family, that is including my immediate loved ones live in New Mexico and in El Paso, Texas.  I often get a craving for New Mexican food so I make sure I visit during our vacation times.

    I taught in the Inclusion and Special Ed Resource Settings at Gadsden High School in the Valley of Dona Ana County in Southern New Mexico and in the evenings I would teach adults ESL at the NMSU/DACC College.  For the past six years I have fulfilled the  Emerging Bilingual Specialist role at High Tech High.  While I am very happy to sponsor the MEChA organization, I also coordinate parent engagement community outreach to our Latino Spanish Speaking communities.

    In my spare time, I enjoy singing with the classical masterworks with FUMC Masterworks Chorale and for the chancel Choir.   I love my doggie, "Cuernitos". I love exploring new walking and strolling spaces in and around the San Diego and Coronado.  I am fortunate to have a significant other who is also a professional musician and a guitar/ukelele teacher.   I am receiving voice lessons under the direction of Soprano, Diane Alexander in her Coronado studio, while I am preparing my voice to prepare for more professional choirs and or roles sometime in the near future.

    Here is a little of me singing on my youtube channel:

    In Song,