Robert Harper

I have over 27 years of experience that spans a range of companies from government agencies to small and large businesses, that includes Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a host of start ups and technologies business. When I’m not working or learning new technologies I enjoy cycling, astrophotography, traveling, cooking and […]

Sofia Sanchez

Hi! I have been a member of the High Tech community since 2010. I first came to High Tech as a middle schooler, and after graduating from High Tech High, I went off to the University of San Diego where I studied Mathematics and Spanish. After graduating in 2021, I started teaching 9th grade math […]

Mike Cho

“Karma means action. Whose action? My action. Whose responsibility? My responsibility. If you understand this simple formulation, karma will fall into place. No complex theory is necessary. Just look at it this way: “The way I am right now is of my making. The way I will be tomorrow will also be of my making.” […]

Elena Apalategui

Elena is a born and raised San Diego native. Growing up in the South Bay city of Chula Vista, she fell in love with the community so much so that she decided to stay in San Diego for college. After graduating from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Sociology, Elena enrolled in Point […]

Sophia Oller

Sophie is a chemistry teacher at High Tech High International. She graduated from UCSD with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry as well as minors in French, Theatre, and Education. She’s taught in the San Diego area since 2011 and received her teaching credential and Master of Education from UCSD. Sophie’s love of exploration has […]

Samantha Carrick

Sam is an educator, scholar, writer, and semi-proud Inland Empire dirt person. She loves learning about native plants, meeting new animal friends, and crafting– though her handiwork wouldn’t win any awards. Talk to her about old movies, celebrity gossip, and weird trivia, and you’ll be friends for life. She has her BA in English from […]