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Student Projects

Sculptures: Stories of Empowerment

Authors: Teresa Cesena, Mark Poole

Grade: 12th

Subjects: Engineering, English

Performance photo
Performance photo with white shirts and black pants
Performance photo with white shirts and black pants

Project Details

Students re-tell poignant family stories using dance and visual data renderings set to music.

For many people, dancing is merely something you do with music for fun. For others it is a form of expression that allows them to physically communicate emotions and stories. What else does dance and music allow us to do? How can it be a form of resistance or protest? How can it be used to connect with others and to form a community? In this project we will be exploring these questions and more as we learn to tell stories through movement, sounds, and visuals. We will also be able to use this project to honor people in our community by celebrating their stories through our public performances.