The War on Drugs

What should the public know about drugs today? How can we inform them?

Faces of South County

Students dissected, analyzed, predicted and suggested specific ways to improve lives and livelihood.

Love and War

Students read WWII novels, created plays based on them, and researched how chemistry has had an impact on warfare throughout the ages.

Finding Dory: Saving the Reefs

In Finding Dory: Saving the Coral Reefs Through Captive Breeding, students searched to see how can scientists find creative ways to protect coral reef systems.

Chaos or Community

In Chaos or Community: Learning to Listen How Dialogue Can Save Us All, a student created play on History of Police Brutality & Civil Rights

Homeless in America

In Homeless in America: Exploring Homelessness and the People Who Seek to End it, student looked at the different ways that could be used to end homelessness in America.

Writing the Law

How should immigrants and refugees be welcomed when they enter a new country?

Tiny Homes

How can we help provide San Diego artists with affordable housing?

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