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9th Grade
  • Karly Robinson Humanities
    Karly Robinson

  • Jaimee Rojas Humanities
    Jaimee Rojas

    I grew up on the 34 mile-long island of Guam, my home, where I learned how to be generous, ride a caribou, eat massive amounts of carbohydrates, and how to put family first. I also learned that there is a great inequity in education, one that I want to help eradicate. I love making sure each child feels safe, loved, challenged and supported in our classroom.

    Hanging out with middle-schoolers gives me hope. They have beautiful ideas and I love using their ideas to create projects that are authentic and purposeful. I have taught high school and middle school Humanities at several of the High Tech High schools since 2008. I also served as an Associate Director of Admission at Pepperdine University, where I received my undergraduate degree in English and Writing/Rhetoric. I have also completed coursework toward my Master's in Business Administration at Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business. I love learning and am constantly reading about what we can do to improve our education system so that children are encouraged to love themselves, love others, and love learning.

    When I'm not hanging out with my HTMMA 7th graders, I am playing baseball or basketball with my son Cayden, reading books just for fun, and adding and crossing off items on my bucket list.
  • Dan Thoene Math I
    Dan Thoene
    Math I

    Dan Thoene has been part of the High Tech High Village since 2003 when he helped open up HTM.  After working there for 12 years, he made the switch to HTMMA for a year.  Now he's moved up to the high school ranks at HTHI.  He graduated from UCSB with a major in Communications and a minor in Mathematics. Dan actually started his professional career in broadcasting, working as a sportscaster for 11 years where he won an Emmy Award as best sports reporter for ABC in Connecticut.
    But his dream was always to teach.  So after retiring from sportscasting Dan went back to school, getting his Single Subject Credential in Mathematics along with a Multiple Subject Credential at San Diego State.
    An avid sports fan, when he's not watching the Padres or Chargers, Dan likes to fit in a round of golf in between grading papers. He's been married for 19 years to his wife Kira. Their 13 year old daughter Courtney is an 8th grader at HTM and their 10 year old son Cooper is a 4th grader at Explorer.
  • Joe Vanegas Spanish
    Joe Vanegas

  • Dawn Wirts Physics
    Dawn Wirts

10th Grade
  • Jorge Cabrera Math II
    Jorge Cabrera
    Math II

    Greetings Everyone!

    I was born in Florida and raised in Rosarito, Mexico till the age of thirteen. It was then when I moved to the US that learned to read and write in English. I knew early on that I wanted to teach. I had great mentors growing up who helped shape and guide me through my high school and my college days. I wanted to make sure I returned the favor to teenagers like myself. I attended Mira Mesa High School where I played football and wrestled for all four years (GO MARAUDERS). After Mira Mesa I attended Long Beach State University where I earned my bachelors is Math Education. While in college I was part of the Rugby team there for four years and it is a sport I still play and coach. I have a very strong passion for teaching and coaching and HTHI has given me the opportunity to do both. I could not be more excited about the opportunity this school as given me. This is my second year here and I will be teaching 9th grade math and physics. I am ready for the fall and ready for the students! =)
  • Kip Hendry Humanities
    Kip Hendry

    My name is Kip and I love teaching. What is more, I love education: thinking about thinking, learning about learning, and sharing about sharing.

    I come High Tech International after seventeen wonderful years living in Italy, and teaching a highly diverse student body at The American Overseas School of Rome. Over the course of my 22-year career I have taught at every grade level, from a k-1-2 multi-aged class at Wildwood Elementary, to my most recent position teaching AP English and IB Theater to juniors and seniors. Along the way, I have had lots of fun creating music with young artists in Umbria, Italy; studying  AP Lit in Oxford, England; meeting my wife-to-be on stilts at the International Children’s Festival in Croatia; and taking a year off to travel with my family on a journey of discovery across the American Southwest.

    I love going to school so much, I just can’t seem to stop. I studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Colorado at Boulder, acting at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and earned my M.Ed. at Endicott College’s international campus in Madrid, Spain. I am excited be part of a community of lifelong learners at High Tech International.   When I am not hanging around school, I enjoy mountain biking, making music, swimming, hiking, and flying kites with my wife and our two children.
  • Chris Mutter Multimedia
    Chris Mutter

    Before moving to San Diego in 1998, to attend Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU), Chris grew up in the Los Angeles suburb of San Dimas. It was during his time at PLNU when Chris harnessed his inner media-nerdist -- working on a variety of Multimedia projects. After graduation Chris was employed as a graphic artist and web designer, and also dabbled in music videos, TV shows and short films. After volunteering to establish a morning news broadcast at Coronado Middle School (2003-04), Chris discovered his passion to work with students, and decided to pursue a career in education. Now in his ninth year of teaching, his third with High Tech High International, Chris spends his free time with his wife Angee, son Jackson and pug Hazel; he also attempts to find time to surf, play video games and improve his horrific golf game.
  • Sophia Oller Chemistry
    Sophia Oller

    Sophie is a chemistry teacher at HTHMA. She grauded from UCSD with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry as well as minors in French, Theatre, and Education. She's taught in the San Diego area since 2011 and received her teaching credential and Master of Education from UCSD.
  • Ross Roemer Modern World History/Eng
    Ross Roemer
    Modern World History/Eng

    Ross was born near the central coast of California in a quaint town called Pismo Beach. As he grew older, he attended his local high school in Arroyo Grande, which happened to be five miles south of Pismo. As the years progressed, Ross seemed unable to resist the Southern California pull and eventually entered into college at the University of Santa Barbara, another one hundred miles south. After four years, Ross came out of the university with three majors, one in English, one in Spanish and a last in Comparative Literature. Yet Ross returned to his school the next fall, this time as a graduate. One year later he left Santa Barbara for good after receiving his Masters in Education and his teaching credential.

    Clearly, at this point in Ross' life, he saw that the farther south one travels, the better. Which is why, without surprise, his next journey led him to High Tech High in San Diego, another few hundred miles south. While he is sure that he can bring students many creative and fresh approaches to real world applications through his teaching, he worries about one thing: graphs have been drawn up plotting Ross' southern migration and extensive research shows that with his current rate of travel, he will end up in Mazatlan, Mexico within sixteen years. But until then, Ross plans to inspire and encourage students by personalizing his curriculum around not only their life, but by matching the curriculum up with the world of today and the skills needed to compete in it.

    Yet when Ross isn't busy enlightening young minds, he finds time to play piano, read books, and surf badly. He also claims to have invented the "U-Turn" blinker, but as of yet, cannot find a buyer. He believes reading is cool...really.
11th Grade
  • Matthew Goodman American Lit
    Matthew Goodman
    American Lit

    After living and teaching at Colegio Nido de Aguilas in in Santiago, Chile for three years, Matthew is excited about joining the HTHI community. Prior to living in Chile, Matthew and his family lived in Brooklyn and he taught Multi-ethnic American Literature at Hunter College and served as the Coordinator of the New York Juvenile Justice Initiative. In his free time, Matthew enjoys all sorts of stuff--painting, building things, traveling--but he most finds himself reading and writing. His novel, Hold Love Strongwas published by Simon and Schuster. Matthew loves to be in the classroom with young people. Day in and day out, they inspire him.
  • Nikki Gulck Humanities
    Nikki Gulck

    Nikki grew up in Southern California, eating egg salad sandwiches on the beach and standing in center field waiting for the ball to come her way.  She graduated from UCLA with a double major in Critical Gender Studies and Sociology and a minor in LGBTQ studies.  After college, Nikki spent time exploring the west coast (and herself) by living in Portland, Oregon and Mendocino, California.  Due to the strong gravitational forces of close family and beautiful weather, Nikki returned south, where she earned her English credential from SDSU and connected with her dream school—HTHI.  Nikki is continually inspired by the marvelous young adults and colleagues that surround her every day.  In her free time, Nikki enjoys hiking up the steepest mountain she can find, building things, riding her bike to the farmer’s market, dancing, singing, and spending time with her other half, Jenny.  
  • Carissa Kiprotich Math III
    Carissa Kiprotich
    Math III

    Carissa has a passion for mathematics, education and the outdoors. When she’s not doing math, she spends her time hiking with her husband and kids. She began in the High Tech High community six years ago as an academic coach at HTHCV, took a mommy-break and is back as our 11th grade math teacher. Carissa graduated from San Diego State University and holds a degree in Applied Mathematics. Her belief is that math is best taught in a step-by-step, hands-on way and encourages her students to apply what they learn in the classroom to “real life”. Her goal is to prepare her juniors for their academic life after high school, build their confidence and math mindset, and inspire them through mathematics.
  • William Raschke Principles of Engineering
    William Raschke
    Principles of Engineering

    I earned my undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara and went on to earn my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of San Diego. Outside of teaching I'm an avid woodworker and computer builder as well as a nature enthusiast. I also help coach HTH Volleyball here in Point Loma.
  • Lucas Sexton Biology
    Lucas Sexton

    New to the High Tech High community, Lucas brings with him three years of Biology teaching experience.  During this time he has directed science fairs, engineering design challenges, and numerous field trip opportunities for his students.  He is very excited to be working with his new HTH students this year, and helping them explore the world of biology through their projects and engaging labs.
    Lucas is native to California, born and raised in the central coast.  He received his bachelor’s degree at Azusa Pacific University, but did not start pursuing his passion for the sciences until after college.  Outside of school, Lucas loves to motorcycle ride, play games/sports, and take photographs.  He also loves to travel and experience the wide variety of human cultures and biodiversity our planet has to offer.

  • Steven Silverstein US History
    Steven Silverstein
    US History

12th Grade
  • Jeremy Farson Career Tech Ed and Art
    Jeremy Farson
    Career Tech Ed and Art

    Jeremy began his life in Los Angeles. He spent his formative years in two coastal towns, La Jolla, California and Bolinas, a small town just north of San Francisco. Upon graduating from La Jolla High he moved back north to attend UC Santa Cruz.

    With his mind set on studying fine art he chose to transfer to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in his junior year. Deciding that winters in Santa Cruz were friendlier and that being in a school full of pretentious artists added to an already chilly winter, he transferred back to UCSC to complete his senior year and graduate with a BA in Fine Art. A couple years later he went to grad school in Oakland, CA and received an MFA from the California College of Art.

    Jeremy moved to the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco and found a job in a mural painting studio. He worked full-time for a couple of years painting large scale murals, mostly for hotels and casino’s such as; Caesar’s Palace, the MGM Grand, Harrah’s, and Disney to name a few. He then left San Francisco to pursue an independent art career in San Diego. He found reasonable success, exhibiting in galleries and selling paintings to residences and corporate businesses such as; Nokia, Merck Pharmaceuticals, the Bellagio and Fairmont Hotels, City National Bank…the list goes on.

    In 2003 he joined forces with a few friends to open the Cassius King Gallery in the Gaslamp District, downtown, San Diego. This hip, underground venue lasted nearly two years and showed great up and coming artists and bands from around the nation. Since then Jeremy has found comfort teaching with the wonderful people of HTHI. All the while he continues to paint, play music, travel and surf.
  • Will Haase Calculus
    Will Haase

    Will is a native New Yorker, who spent his adolescent years running around Albany trying to survive 13 years of Military school. After high school, Will split town and went to Virginia to study Philosophy and East Asian culture deep in the Shenandoah Valley at Washington and Lee University. After college Will wandered around New York, Colorado, and spent several years in New Mexico contemplating the meaning of life and the implications of all his philosophical studies. While living in Santa Fe Will got a job teaching Anatomy and Physiology to adults at a school and was quickly hooked on teaching. Will then moved to San Diego to pursue a degree in Biology and a teaching credential. While studying for his Master's degree in education Will became very interested in methodologies that not only support learning but also help students develop thinking skills. Will finished his Master's degree in 2004 after writing his final thesis on Inquiry learning in education. After this, Will got jobs teaching Biology and physical science and enjoyed the experiences well enough, but was not really satisfied with the work. So Will decided to go back to school, this time to pursue a Math degree, and as luck would have it he ran into a High Tech High teacher who encouraged him to apply and he got a job teaching math at High Tech High International. Will now teaches 12th grade Math at High Tech International and is currently having an exceptional amount of fun exploring the joys of math with his wonderful if sometimes reluctant students. Will is also passionate about sharing the HTH vision with the world and can often be found talking with visitors and sharing his excitement around a new vision for education. When Will is not teaching or researching education he enjoys walking the beaches, contemplating existence, doing math proofs, playing guitar, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and hanging out with friends, his wife, and his two dogs.
  • Jared Hutchins English
    Jared Hutchins

    Hello! I am from Northern California, growing up in both the Bay Area and Sacramento. I attended college at Sacramento State and earned my B.A. in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Pan-African Studies and minored in Mathematics. After college, I served for 4 years in the U.S. Navy as a quartermaster (navigation), first in Boston for 2 years and then here in beautiful San Diego – and I never left! After the Navy I continued my education, earning a Master’s in Education (Teacher Leadership) and a teaching credential. Now, I’m excited to begin my teaching career here at High Tech High International! The teachers and students here are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around and I can’t wait to continue my own learning here as a member of this tight-knit community.
    Some of my interests outside of school are coaching high school football and track & field and enjoying San Diego’s many beaches and parks with my wife, Dana, and my son, Cassius. 
  • Lawrence Ortiguerra Physics II
    Lawrence Ortiguerra
    Physics II

    A San Diego local, Law received his BA in Mathematics Secondary Education from the University of California, San Diego and his MA in Counseling from the University of San Diego. For the last seven years, Law was an eighth grade math and science teacher at High Tech Middle Media Arts.  Before HTMMA, he worked a floor above at High Tech High Media Arts as the Director of Career Development and Community Outreach. There, he coordinated the Academic Internship Program. In 2015-2016, Law stepped outside of the classroom and took on the role of Outreach Coordinator for the High Tech High Graduate School of Education.  He worked with over 5000+ visitors that came to HTH and shared with them the many aspects of HTH he has been able to be a part of since 2007. Law is also the head coach of the High Tech High girls and boys varsity volleyball team.

    Law is looking forward to being a part of the HTH International community!!!
  • Joanne Sith English
    Joanne Sith

    Here are just some tidbits about who I am and what I have done. I completed my undergrad education right here in San Diego at the University of California where I received a BA in History. During my undergrad studies I also taught SAT prep classes at Elite. Following UCSD, I continued on at the University of San Diego where I was awarded a Masters in Education. And it was during my masters program that I was lucky enough to student teach at HTHI. It was then that I began my continuous growth as a High Tech High teacher. The teaching philosophies that exist at this school parallels mine, which as a teacher is extremely essential to a positive and conducive learning environment.
      On a more personal level, some of my favorite things to do when I have free time include reading historical and dystopian novels, watching way too many episodes of House and CSI ( Las Vegas and New York only!!), and playing with my dog, Taz - a Shepard Hound mix.

    P.S.  Yes, my last name is Sith but unfortunately I have no association to the dark lord from Star Wars!
All School
  • Brett Peterson Director
    Brett Peterson

    Brett W. Peterson is the Director of High Tech High International, a nationally recognized, progressive, project based charter school in San Diego, California.  He served as Director of The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High for nine years after teaching at the school for five years and continues to serve as a network ambassador and consultant, training teachers, administrators, and superintendents in implementing project based learning in several states, Israel, and the U.K.

    In addition, Peterson serves as a Trustee of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s National Board where he advises the organization about grass roots impacts of policies, marketing and strategic vision.  Recently, he served on the U.S. Department of Education’s Western Regional Advisory Committee.

    His belief that teaching and learning go hand in hand guided him as he earned a Master’s in History from the University of San Diego and a Master’s in Curriculum Design from UCSD. Before coming to San Diego he earned a BA in History from the University of Notre Dame (Go, Irish!).  He's also currently dabbling in some doctoral courses.  

    When not updating his bio, he enjoys spending time with his husband, family and friends and traveling this small world of ours.

  • Vangie Akridge School Psychologist
    Vangie Akridge
    School Psychologist

  • Angel Beckwith-Malone Academic Coach
    Angel Beckwith-Malone
    Academic Coach

  • Ben Brasch GSE Resident
    Ben Brasch
    GSE Resident

    Ben is a Denver native and a longtime summer camp counselor in the mountains of Colorado. He is part of the founding team of a project-based learning school in Denver called The CUBE, which is opening in Fall 2018. Ben graduated from Pomona College, where he earned his degree in Political Theory with a focus on civic education in American summer camps. His interests include meat curing, crossword puzzles, board games, and pizza (cooking and eating).
  • Katy Burress IT
    Katy Burress

    When I was younger, I was always taking things apart. It made my mother rather nervous, but she was regularly pleased when I could successfully put them back together. I don’t think I realized then that I was training for my future career. I have had many jobs in my life and have studied some incredibly interesting topics in school like criminology, geology and physical geography. While living in New York, I taught formerly incarcerated men re-entering society,  basic computer skills, resume writing and interview techniques. I was a bicycle messenger in Portland, Oregon and a floral designer in Oakland, California, but I found my passion and home at HTHI. IT blends together solving puzzles, helping people and perseverance; all things I love and value. I’m definitely a life long learner who never tires of a good challenge that allows for inventive problem solving. My mantra? Raise the bar.
  • Erik Castillo Director of College Advising
    Erik Castillo
    Director of College Advising

    As a native of San Diego, Erik has developed extensive roots in the education community as a graduate of San Diego State University and the University of San Diego. During his time at San Diego State University and the University of San Diego, he has over 7 years of college admissions experience. In addition, Erik completed his M.A. degree at the University of San Diego in School Counseling. Most recently, Erik served on the external reader committee for the University of California, San Diego.

    On Erik's spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. An added bonus would include spending time with extended family, enjoying the outdoors, and riding his mountain bike.
  • Glenn Evans EL Coordinator
    Glenn Evans
    EL Coordinator

  • Marci Han Education Specialist
    Marci Han
    Education Specialist

    A California native, I grew up in the San Francisco East Bay and moved around to several different areas in the north part of the state before deciding to move to San Diego several years ago to attend graduate school at San Diego State University. The beauty of San Diego, the sunny weather, and warmer beaches compelled me to stay. I graduated from SDSU with a Master of Arts in History in 2009 and started working at the High Tech High schools in the Fall because I appreciated HTH's unique community and teaching philosophy. I earned my Education Specialist Credential through HTH's own credential program. I am passionate about "all things education" and I love helping students learn as an Education Specialist at HTHI.

    In my free time I love to bike around the bay, hike around San Diego, refurbish old furniture, share meals with great friends, and read good books on my Kindle underneath breezy palms. I also love to travel and I have had the opportunity to browse the markets of Bagio City in the Philippines, snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, kayak the whole length Milford Sound in New Zealand, and backpack through nine different countries in Europe. I was able to add another adventure to my list when I accompanied HTHI students to Peru and hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

    I have so enjoyed getting to know the students and staff at HTHI through the years and I am looking forward to spending another year in this unique community.
  • Francesca Henderson Dean of Students
    Francesca Henderson
    Dean of Students

    Greetings Everyone from your handy dandy Dean of Students!


    Some fun facts about Fran:

    (1) I can lift 350 pounds

    (2) I love math so much that I take classes online just for fun

    (3) Escape room games are a hobby of mine, if you haven't tried them you should

    (4) There is no place I would rather be than at HTHI

  • Clarence Hill Academic Coach
    Clarence Hill
    Academic Coach

  • Regi Johnson GSE Resident
    Regi Johnson
    GSE Resident

  • Marci Jubelirer Manager, Student Study Teams
    Marci Jubelirer
    Manager, Student Study Teams

    Marci Jubelirer happily landed in San Diego in the summer of 2013.  She relocated from Park City, Ut to join the 2013-1014 cohort of the HTH Graduate School of Education School Leadership Master's program. Marci was the only student in the program who continued her job as a School Leader while she completed her master's degree here. It was a crazy year of going back and forth from Utah to San Diego and in the end she fell in love with High Tech High and decided to stay.

    Marci was formerly the Head of School at Daniels Academy, a boarding school specializing in students diagnosed with ASD.  It was a challenging and rewarding position and she loved working with this very interesting group of students.  Prior to School Leadership Marci was a Family Therapist in a group private practice and also in a Therapeutic Boarding School for at-risk students. As a therapist she specialized in working with families with one or more member with special needs. She began her career as a Special Education teacher which seemed to spark a life long curiosity about how students learn, how their brains works and how adults can best lead students into finding their gifts and passions.

    Marci currently works to support the special education programs and staff in all thirteen High Tech High Schools. She loves witnessing the growth of both students and adults in the HTH community.

    When she is not at work Marci loves spending time with friends and family spread across the country. She loves Yoga and tries to practice several times a week. She is an unapologetic gypsy and travels everywhere and anywhere. Her current passion is exploring San Diego with her six year old granddaughter who attends High Tech High.



  • Karen Lowe Site Manager
    Karen Lowe
    Site Manager

  • Samantha Potts Education Specialist
    Samantha Potts
    Education Specialist

    Growing up in Northern Utah, Sam’s family spent their weekends skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. These activities helped to foster her desire to explore, and experience new places, which lead her to California, for the first time, to attend Santa Clara University, in northern California. While earning a B.S. in Psychology, Sam discovered that the coursework and its volunteer component helped solidify her desire to work in the educational setting with children and young people.

    Combining her dual passions in exploration and education Sam moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, for a year, post college to work as an intern in the Child Development & Diversity program at the same school Sam studied abroad with in college.

    Upon returning to the United States, Sam moved back to her native Utah and spent the following decade working in both private therapeutic and public school education in the realm of special education and support services. Although Sam enjoys working with all students with unique learning profiles and needs, she has especially enjoyed working with ASD students.

    The next adventure in Sam’s life brings her to California for the second time, where she is excited to join the Inclusion Department at HTHI and work at school dedicated to a PBL learning method.

    In her spare time Sam enjoys spending time with her dog, Bella, and swimming in the ocean. Her goal is to combine those two pastimes and teach Bella to go Stand Up Paddle boarding with her. Otherwise Sam can be seen pursuing her hobbies of hiking and biking around San Diego, and reading and perfecting the perfect gourmet grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Julie Sulzmaier Education Specialist
    Julie Sulzmaier
    Education Specialist

    Born and raised in beautiful Hawaii, I decided that I was ready for a change and moved across the country to blistering cold Boston to attend Boston University.  At Boston University, I graduated with a degree in Psychology and French Language and Literature and fulfilled a dream of spending a year studying abroad in Grenoble and Paris, France.  Upon returning to Boston and the worst winter in ten years, I decided that I had enough of the cold and moved back to Hawaii.  

    In Hawaii, I worked in the public schools supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Pervasive Developmental Disorders.  It was through the Hawaii Branch of the International Dyslexia Association's Odyssey Project, that I re-discovered a passion for education.  Through this program, I was able to provide individuals with access to specialized tutoring methodologies.  This experience eventually led me to serve as the K-8 Assistant Principal of Assets School, which supports gifted and/or Dyslexic children, in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Prior to this, I taught and counseled students in grades 2 through 8 at Assets School and fell in love working with students who learn differently.  While working at Assets School, I received an MS in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in School Counseling from Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

    In 2013, we packed it up and moved to San Diego for my husband’s job opportunity at UCSD.  And we’ve been on this adventure ever since.  In my free time, I enjoy the great outdoors, whether it’s a walk in the neighborhood, hiking San Diego’s trails or dipping my feet in the Pacific Ocean (it’s too cold on this side of the Pacific to swim!)  You are equally likely to find me practicing yoga or curled up on my couch with a book and my cat; and in the summers, lounging on a Hawaiian beach or hiking the German alps while visiting family and friends.

    I am passionate about continuing to support the social, emotional and academic growth of individuals with diverse learning profiles at High Tech High and through outreach as a board member with the San Diego Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.  I completed HTH’s Education Specialist Credential program and am looking forward to continuing with the High Tech High International community this year!

  • James Swiss Ed Specialist
    James Swiss
    Ed Specialist