Jorge Cerna

My name is Jorge Cerna and I am one of the 11th Grade Humanities Teachers at HTHMA. One of my passions in teaching is having the ability to impact our students and support them to achieve their personal/academic goals. I have a wide background of experiences before teaching which include working for Apple and Coaching […]

Helen Shao

The following description of Helen Shao was written by the students of 2023 after some detailed scientific observations and logical inferences: Hellooo!!! I’m Helen Shao. I’m a former UCLA graduate. I’m (not) Jewish, have 2 daughters, Penny and Chloe. I’m famous in the Bay Area and was featured in a magazine. I like summer and […]

Dan Allen

I began my art career at the age of four. I remember copying a coloring book page instead of coloring it in with crayons. My preschool teacher praised my ability to recreate the drawing that I seen in the book. My peers said that it was cool. My mother hung it on the refrigerator and […]

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