Albert Contreras

Hello, my name is Albert Contreras Jr. and students usually call me Mr. C. I am blessed to be with my lovely wife Sabra and our amazing fur babies (Kovee, Q-Tip, and Taco). I was born and raised in San Diego and have no plans of ever leaving. In my free time I love to […]

Charley Jacob

Charley Jacob is native to Southern California and continually has had paint or ink on his hands since the mid 90s. He has several pairs of Vans shoes from an ever growing collection that nearly predates his students. He has been on a quest to understand why California burritos have french fries since moving to […]

Asal Meyer

Starting her fifteenth year at High Tech High North County, Ms. M. is wholeheartedly dedicated to finding meaning in her experiences as a teacher and furthermore, guiding her students to find and understand the value of meaning in their individual lives. Ms. M. knows that the Humanities can be a gateway to this pursuit. With […]

Andrew Vernon

This will be my 13th year teaching at High Tech High North County. I started back in the fall of 2010 as an Academic Coach, and finished the year as a 9th Grade Math/Physics Teacher. Since then, I have taught all grade levels and I am currently the 12th Grade Math 4/Calculus teacher. My family […]