Brendan Rajah-Boyer

Brendan hails from a Chicago suburb and went on to get his Bachelors in Biology from Whitman College where he was also on the track and cross country team. His passion for spiders led him to a Masters in Evolutionary Biology from SDSU where he met his wife. Most recently he obtained a Masters in […]

Joshua Patrick O’Connor

I was born and raised in Carlsbad, CA and attended UH Manoa as a Political Science major. After living and working in Hawaii for almost 10 years, I decided to move to Asia and teach English. China and Thailand were home for 3 years where I was able to have ample travel opportunities there, and […]

Chris Olivas

Mr. Olivas grew up right here in San Diego. He loves traveling and has lived in many different places like Australia, Argentina, and recently in South Africa but always returns because San Diego truly is America’s finest city! As a San Diego native, he loves the outdoors and especially the ocean. In high school he […]

Roya Eskandar

Roya was born in Chicago, Illinois, but has spend a majority of her life here in sunny San Diego. She has completed her Associates of Arts in Humanities and is currently finishing up her Bachelors degree at Cal State University- San Marcos in Literature and Writing. As an Academic Coach, Roya has the opportunity to […]

Lauren Nico

“Coming to you live from under the sea, it’s Ms. Nico!” Shouts the announcer floating on a blue raft. Just then, Ms. Nico leaps out of the water like a dolphin and waves to the crowd mid-air! Landing gracefully in the water, it is time for her to address the HTMNC Community. To calm the […]

Javier Durazo

No longer an academic coach, I am part of the SDTR program so the change should be to resident teacher or student teacher

Brittany Perro

Ms. Perro is a Massachusetts native who grew up in the small town of Northbridge (outside of Worcester), and made her way to the city of Boston to attend Emerson College. It was at Emerson that she realized her greatest purpose in life: to make a positive impact on the world around her. She decided […]

Adam Veasey

Roles: Academic Coach, Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Coach, Black Student Union (BSU) Coordinator, HTMNC Parent