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Student Projects

The Human Food Chain

Authors: Chris Olivas, Kelly Jacob, Jessica Hoffman, Kate Garcia, Brent Spirnak

Grade: 8th

Subjects: Digital Arts, Humanities, Math, Science

Photographing a beekeeeper
Planting seeds in small cardboard cups
Planting seeds in small cardboard cups
Handfulls of strawberries
Students walking in row of strawberry field
Student petting goats

In this project, students will be learning about our food systems from ground to ground. Students will be exploring how we grow/manufacture our food, package it, ship it, buy it, consume it, and dispose of it. Students will learn what our bodies need in order to grow and function and the effects of certain types of food on them. Students will also be tracing back the political and economic impacts of your food choices.

  • How do different foods affect our minds and bodies?
  • How do we make our decisions on what foods to eat?
  • What journey does food take before it makes it to our plates?
  • What are the effects of the resources that go into the whole process of food consumption?
  • How is food regulated in the United States?
  • 8th Grade Documentary: Our entire 8th grade team will be working towards producing a full length documentary on the ‘Human Food Chain’. You will be planning out field trips and interviews to learn all about our human food system.
    • Group Roles:
      • Director: This student will be responsible for directing the group through all the project goals. You will be planning the fields trips, interviews, shot list, and overall production of your group’s documentary chapter in the “Human Food Chain.”
      • Writer: This student will be responsible for writing out the general flow of your group’s documentary chapter or ‘Mockumercial’. You will also be responsible for leading most of the research surrounding your groups; chapter and the life cycle in the Human Food Chain.
      • Cinematographer: This student will be responsible for planning out and filming your group’s documentary chapter. You will also be responsible for working closely with the editor and selecting the most important sound bites of your footage.
      • Editor: This student are responsible for editing your group’s documentary chapter and any other digital assets that need to go along with it (music, sound effects, text, etc..). You will also be responsible for producing any other digital branding or media for your group.
    • ‘Mockumercials’ or PSA: Our team will also be producing mock commercials for some of the foods we will be learning about
    • Human Food Chain: Your group will be responsible for mapping out from start to finish, the lifecycle of a specific food product