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Ensure College Access & Persistence

HTH schools support all students in accessing and excelling in college.

HTH is particularly focused on increasing the rate at which HTH students attend and graduate from college. HTH seeks to increase the number of socioeconomically disadvantaged and emerging bilingual students who succeed in high school and postsecondary education, and in the fields of math, computer science, engineering, and related fields. To achieve these goals, HTH supports students finding an opportune college match by providing dedicated college counseling staff at each HTH high school.

A recent study by Ben Castleman and Joshua Goodman indicates that high quality college counseling can lead to an improvement in college match for low-income students. “The study found that those students who received the counseling were more likely — by 52 percentage points — to enroll in one of the program’s recommended colleges. Further, they were less likely to enroll at community colleges and at four-year colleges that were not recommended by the program.” (Jaschik, 2018) In addition, HTH has increased the number of students concurrently enrolled with community college partners in English and math course work with the goal of reducing the number of HTH alumni enrolled in remedial coursework. Finally, HTH seeks to reduce the rate of summer melt where HTH seniors who reported plans to attend college fail to enroll in college the fall after their senior year.