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Ensure High Quality Work

HTH students create high-quality work characterized by complexity, authenticity, and craftsmanship that invites family and community members to participate in student learning and reflection.

HTH seeks to create a culture of craftsmanship where students produce high quality work that is meaningful both to learners and to the broader community. This work invites families and community members to engage with student learning and allows students the opportunity to present their work to an authentic audience.

Furthermore, HTH recognizes a need to engage families in the life of the school with a particular focus on families of socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and emerging bilingual students. For this reason, HTH will continue to provide ongoing opportunities for families to engage with student work through exhibitions and student­ led conferences and connect meaningfully with school leadership through periodic coffee­ and­ conversation events. “When schools use effective family engagement practices, students in those schools were ten times more likely to improve their mathematics performance and four times more likely to improve their reading performance than students attending schools that did not implement meaningful engagement practices” (Wood & Bauman, 2017). Deeper engagement by HTH families is likely to feed a virtuous cycle of improved academic outcomes and higher quality student work.