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Improve Student-Centered Instruction

HTH teachers design classroom instruction that provides access and challenge for all students, encouraging them to grapple, share their thinking, and construct knowledge together.

HTH seeks to deepen student centered instruction in literacy, numeracy, and science with a particular emphasis on utilizing strategies that support the academic success of EL students. For example, HTH has chosen to implement a Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) math instructional model because CGI is an evidence­ based, student­ centered, philosophical framework and set of teaching practices that supports and builds on students’ problem solving abilities. Like CGI, each instructional strategy fits the Student Centered Learning Model developed by Jobs for the Future. This model describes the following characteristics as key to students centered practice: learning is personalized, competency based, takes place anytime/anywhere, and students exert ownership over their learning. This model brings together research from various fields including the learning sciences to argue that an emphasis on student centered practices or deeper learning leads to “the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to succeed in college, career, and civic life.” (Students at the center, 2014) This research finding that a student centered approach enhances college readiness and capacity informs the focus of this LCAP goal on student centered instruction.