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Author: Lillian Hsu

Grade: GSE

Subject: HTH Structures

Project Details

#6 of 6 HTH Structures

Teachers at HTH frequently use informal assessment techniques to check for understanding in the middle of a class. More formal assessment often comes in the form of rubrics that students help to create. Especially during exhibitions, teachers sometimes incorporate an audience assessment piece to make the assessment process more authentic. Many teachers also create regular opportunities for self-assessment as they attempt to cultivate a habit of reflection among their students.

Thumbs Up or Down Informal Assessment

Duration: 00:42
Jill Dalinkus (10th grade Humanities) uses a quick informal assessment tool to check her students’ understanding of a difficult text.



Ten Finger Assessment

Duration: 01:19
Kay Flewelling (9th grade Humanities) uses a quick informal assessment technique to gauge how difficult an assignment was for her students.



Class-Created Rubric

Duration: 05:11
Angie Guerrero (11th Grade Humanities) facilitates small group and whole class discussions that lead to the creation of a rubric for the students’ storyboards.



Strengths and Stretches

Duration: 03:00
Kay Flewelling (9th Grade Humanities) prepares her students for Student Led Conferences by asking them to reflect on their strengths and stretches.


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Notes for Creating a Class Rubric
Angie Guerrero (11th Grade Humanities): Note sheet for creating a class rubric


Download this PDF

Class-created Rubric
Angie Guerrero (11th Grade Humanities): Rubric for a literary analysis essay created together by an entire class