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Classroom Management

Author: Lillian Hsu

Grade: GSE

Subject: HTH Structures

Project Details

#3 of 6 HTH Structures

Teachers at HTH strive to create classroom environments where students feel a strong sense of community and demonstrate respect for each other and for the teacher. One norm that many teachers establish is to give the speaker undivided attention when he or she is speaking. Other teachers establish class jobs or chores so that students take responsibility and ownership over their classroom space.

Getting Attention: The Giant Eyeball

Duration: 00:35
Ted Cuevas (9th Grade Physics/Math) uses a giant eyeball to get his students’ undivided attention.



Getting Attention: Eyeballs On My Eyeballs

Duration: 00:39
Nicole Costa (6th Grade Science) uses a focusing technique to get all students’ attention on her.



Getting Attention: Raise Your Hand If You Can Hear Me

Duration: 00:22
Tara Giannini (10th Grade Art) uses a simple technique to get her students’ attention.



Getting Attention: The Minotaur

Duration: 00:34
Bobby Shaddox (6th Grade Humanities) uses a minotaur hand gesture to get his students’ attention.



Getting Attention: Eyes Over Here

Duration: 00:34
Angie Guerrero (11th Grade Humanities) waits until all students are quiet and focused before she speaks.



Dig Dug (Call and Response)

Duration: 00:29
Nicole Costa (6th Grade Science) uses a call and response technique to check that students are focused on what she is saying.



Class Jobs

Duration: 02:08
Class jobs with funny titles help Mark Aguirre’s 9th Grade Humanities classroom run efficiently.

Class Chores

Duration: 02:23
Jesse Wade assigns her 11th Grade Biology students weekly chores and appoints a Door Guard who makes sure no one leaves the classroom without completing his or her job.

Moving Tables

Duration: 01:35
Kay Flewelling (9th Grade Humanities) makes rearranging the classroom fun by turning it into a challenge and timing the students’ speed.

Timing Breaks

Duration: 00:39
To ensure that her students are punctual when returning from break, Kay Flewelling (9th Grade Humanities) has a student time the break and alert his peers before time is up.


Duration: 01:08
Kristin Komatsubara (6th Grade Math/Science) sets up different expectations for lecture, team, and testing modes in her classroom.

The Exit Game

Duration: 01:08
Tom Fehrenbacher (11th Grade Humanities) uses the exit game as a sponge activity for those extra few minutes at the end of class.