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Entry Activities

Author: Lillian Hsu

Grade: GSE

Subject: HTH Structures

Project Details

#5 of 6 HTH Structures

Entry activities are routines that teachers use at the beginning of class to engage students quickly. Most HTH teachers have a clear daily agenda that prepares students for the day ahead. Many also create a warm-up activity that focuses students on a writing, drawing, or problem-solving task. Other teachers create a daily ritual that builds community among the students.

The Agenda

Duration: 02:56
Bobby Shaddox (6th Grade Humanities) prepares students for the day ahead with an extremely clear agenda.



Daily Greeting

Duration: 06:19
Patrick Yurick (9th Grade Multimedia) introduces the Daily Greeting, a community building ritual that gives every student a chance to voice how they are feeling each day.



Community Circle

Duration: 06:19
Tara Giannini (10th Grade Art) introduces the Community Circle, a daily opening ritual that helps the students build a strong sense of community



FIRST Thing: The I-Write

Duration: 02:29
Kay Flewelling (9th grade Humanities) has a different FIRST thing for each day of the week. (F = Free, I = I-write, R = Read, S = Sketch, and T = Talk). Here, she gives clear instructions for an I-Write to start off her class.



FIRST Thing: Sharing Sketches

Duration: 05:26
After Kay Flewelling’s 9th Grade Humanities students complete their FIRST Thing sketches, they routinely share their work with each other using a two-step process.



First Thoughts

Duration: 01:33
Ted Cuevas (9th Grade Physics/Math) uses a First Thought to get his students’ brains moving at the beginning of class.




Duration: 01:33
TBritt Shirk (9th Grade Humanities) has a different daily warm-up for each day of the week. (D = Discuss, A = Analyze, I = Investigate, L = Look, and Y = Yelp).



Lesson Plans

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Sample DWL Entry
Britt Shirk (9th Grade Humanities)