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COVID-19 Information Parent and Student Resources, Meal Services, and Distance Learning Information

Dear High Tech High Families,

In a previous email we outlined HTH's plan for implementing distance learning in the event we did not reopen schools on April 7th.   We have officially decided that we follow suit and will not return for in person instruction on April 7th.

When HTH teachers return on April 6th, they will spend that week designing and piloting plans for distance learning.  We will be reaching out for your thoughts and feedback as we do this work.

We will roll out our approach to distance learning the week of April 13th and you will receive detailed information from your child’s teachers about what to expect going forward.  We are asking teachers to plan for their first distance learning module from April 13th - May 8th. Our hope is that by that time, we may be able to return to school, but if that is not the case, we will begin a second module that will run until the end of the year.

More information can be found at hightechhigh.org/covid19


Estimadas HTH familias,

En un correo electrónico anterior, describimos el plan de HTH para implementar el aprendizaje a distancia en caso de que no volviéramos a abrir las escuelas el 7 de abril. Hemos decidido oficialmente que hacemos lo mismo y no volveremos para recibir instrucción en persona el 7 de abril.

Cuando los maestros de HTH regresan el 6 de abril, pasarán esa semana diseñando y poniendo a prueba planes para el aprendizaje a distancia. Nos pondremos en contacto para solicitar sus pensamientos y comentarios mientras hacemos este trabajo.

Implementaremos nuestro enfoque de la educación a distancia la semana del 13 de abril y su familia recibirá información detallada de los maestros de su hijo/a sobre qué esperar en el futuro. Estamos pidiendo a los maestros que planifiquen su primer módulo de aprendizaje a distancia para el 13 de abril al 8 de mayo. Nuestra esperanza es que para ese momento, podamos regresar a la escuela, pero si ese no es el caso, comenzaremos un segundo módulo que se ejecutará hasta el final del año escolar.

Se puede encontrar más información en hightechhigh.org/covid-19-spanish/

Student Projects

Project Management

Author: Lillian Hsu

Subject: HTH Structures

Project Details

#4 of 6 HTH Structures

HTH Teachers use a variety of strategies to help students stay organized and focused during project time. Many teachers organize students into different departments or crews; students also take on defined roles within a group. To make use of their time wisely, group members complete a daily plan outlining each person’s responsibilties.

Project Departments

Duration: 04:42
Patrick Yurick (9th Grade Multimedia) delegates responsibilities to three different departments all working together on creating one music video.



Project Crews

Duration: 02:41
Marisol Franco (9th Grade Spanish) delegates responsibilities to project crews as they prepare for a final exhibition.



Daily Planning and To-Do List

Duration: 01:20
Ted Cuevas (9th Grade Physics/Math) keeps project groups organized and on task by having each group make a daily plan and each individual student make a to-do list.



Daily Planning in Action

Duration: 02:15
Students of Ted Cuevas (9th Grade Humanities) complete their daily planning and to-do lists before they can begin their project work for the day.



Above and Beyond Jobs

Duration: 03:38
As his students work on their class mythography publication, Bobby Shaddox (6th Grade Humanities) encourages students who finish early to take on an “above and beyond job,” as an editor or a Photoshop mentor.



Journey Journals

Duration: 03:20
Patrick Yurick (9th Grade Multimedia) uses the Journey Journal Flowchart to help his students stay organized throughout each project and take responsibility for keeping track of deadlines.




Download this PDF

Daily Planning Organizational Tool
Ted Cuevas (9th Grade Physics/Math) and Kay Flewelling (9th Grade Humanities): A daily planning format that students use to delegate individual responsibilities within a group

Download this PDF

Weekly and Daily Goals
Marisol Franco and Patrick Yurick (11th Grade Spanish/Multimedia): A goal setting sheet that each group uses to plan out their time for each day of the week

Download this PDF

Peer Assessment
Marisol Franco and Patrick Yurick (11th Grade Spanish/Multimedia): A peer assessment that students use to give each other feedback on their contribution to the group

Download this PDF

Project Manager Log
Marisol Franco and Patrick Yurick (11th Grade Spanish/Multimedia): An accountability log that each group’s project manager completes once a week

Download this PDF

Marisol Franco and Patrick Yurick (11th Grade Spanish/Multimedia): A self-assessment tool that each student uses to reflect on the Habits of Heart and Mind

Download this PDF

Audience Critique Form
Marisol Franco and Patrick Yurick (11th Grade Spanish/Multimedia): An audience critique form used by groups to get feedback on their work