Induction FAQs

  • Can I clear my credential with your program if I am not a High Tech High Teacher?  Yes- teachers who hold an SB2042 Preliminary credential who are working as a teacher in an assignment that matches their credential, and live within San Diego County, are welcome to participate in our program.
  • I have completed year 1 in a different program, will that count for your program?  Yes- request a verification document from your former Induction program that outlines your work in their program.
  • What is the cost of year two in your program?  The cost for our Induction program is $1,000/per year. Flexible payment plans available using either a credit or debit card, or we can invoice your school if they are helping to pay part/all of the program fee.
  • What is the start and end date of your program?  Attend 8 monthly meetings (September – May).
  • What time commitment is required outside of work? (I work from 8:00 to 4:00 PM, and would like to avoid missing work if possible).  Attend 8 meetings throughout the year, held on Monday nights, at our Point Loma location from 4:45 – 7 pm (2.5 hours). You will also meet weekly with your Mentor, participate in observations, and complete all required online coursework.
  • Do I have to have a mentor?  Yes.
  • My credential is about to expire this year. Who can help me with an extension?  Enrolled candidates can contact our credential analyst for assistance in applying for a one or two year extension.
  • I hold two credentials: Single Subject-Math and a Multiple Subjects. Can I clear both credentials in your Induction program?  Yes, dual credential holders can clear both credentials as long as you have access to teaching students in each of those content areas. An individual learning plan will be established to outline specifics.
  • Do I have to be employed as a teacher?  Yes- to enroll in Induction you must be employed as the teacher of record, at least 50% time, in an appropriate setting. Long term substitutes, Academic Coaches or Instructional Aides are not eligible to enroll.
  If you have a question about admission into the District Intern or Induction program that isn't answered on our FAQ page, please email Please include the subject and grade level you wish to teach.