Intern Program Enrollment

Admission window closes May 31, 2019

To be eligible to enroll in the HTH District Intern Program, an applicant must have both a) qualifying employment and b) completed prerequisites. Verification of employment is required prior to receiving an application packet.



Attend an Info Session

The HTH Teacher Center is hosting monthly info sessions to discuss the two-year District Intern teacher credentialing program.

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Learn more about District Intern Programs In California:  Overview of Alternative CA Certification

  • Info Sessions

    Beginning in January, the HTH Teacher Center will be hosting monthly info sessions to explain the eligibility and enrollment criteria of the HTH District Intern teacher preparation program.  

    HTH Forum, 2150 Cushing Road, 92106 (4 - 4:45 PM)

    Register: Click here 

  • Eligibility

    To be eligible to enroll in the HTH District Intern Program, an applicant must have both a) qualifying employment and b) completed prerequisites (see checklist) by June 5th

    • Employment  | Employed, or offered employment, as the teacher of record, 50% or more time, in a K-12 public school environment within San Diego County. Download the Employment Verification Form and return it to the email provided. Verification of employment is required prior to receiving an application packet.
    • MOU  |  If employed at a school outside of HTH Charter, then HTH credentialing will seek to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining roles and responsibilities for Intern support.
    • Prerequisites | Completion of all prerequisites (see checklist).
  • Enrollment

    Enrollment window: February - June 5, 2020

    Granted if all prerequisites are completed and uploaded with the online application by June 5th. The Credential Analyst will verify documentation and then enroll the candidate in their respective online summer courses that begin mid-June. Questions, email:

  • Prerequisite Coursework (Summer 2020)

    Intern participants are required to have 120 hours of instruction prior to the start of the school year. This instruction includes foundational preparation in general pedagogy prior to the start of the program of study. Completion of prerequisite coursework does not guarantee admission into the Intern program. Teachers take two, six-week, courses that run concurrently.

    Dates: June 15 – July 24, 2020 (tentative)

    Mode: 100% online

  • FAQs

    Is HTH’s District Intern program accredited?

    Yes, our program is an accredited teacher certification program through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). Our program meets all program standards designated by the CTC for a District Intern credential while enrolled in the program and then a Preliminary teaching credential upon completion.

    Do I have to work at High Tech High to enter this program?

    No. Our program is open to anyone who meets all eligibility criteria.

    I am in the District Intern program, am I paid less than everybody else?

    Teachers enrolled in the District Intern program are compensated at the beginning teacher salary rate set by their employer. Salary rates are based on % teaching time.

    What is the EL authorization?

    Teachers who complete the HTH District Intern program earn the necessary CA English Learner (EL) authorization along with their teaching credential. EL instruction is embedded within all coursework and denoted on the teaching credential as ELA.

    What is the deadline to apply to your program?

    June 5th.

    Why would a charter school hire me without a credential?

    Most charter schools are open to hiring a teacher who meets all Intern program prerequisites but does not yet hold a Preliminary credential.

    Do you have financial aid or subsidized tuition? Can I defer my student loans?

    No. The HTH District Intern program is offered through Local Education Agency (LEA) status and is not an eligible Title IV institution of higher education.

    Do I have to remain employed while I am enrolled in the Intern program?

    Yes. Employment as the Teacher of Record, 50% or more time, is required. The District Intern credential restricts the Intern to teach at the school site listed on the credential.

    Do I have to stay with the school that employs me?

    No. You may change school sites as long as you continue teaching in the same subject area and setting (Elementary, Secondary or Education Specialist) that matches the credential you are seeking. Upon changing school sites, alert the credentialing office so steps can be taken to change the employment restriction on your credential.

    Do I have to student teach?

    Student-teaching is not required for Intern programs since you are the teacher of record.

  • Transcript Request

    To order a transcript of your District Intern program completion, please complete the Transcript Request Form.

    Note: The units offered through the District Intern program lead to teacher licensure and are not equivalent to graduate-level units.