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Student Projects

Dream Project

Author: Allison Kucia

Grade: 3rd

Subject: Poetry

Third grader working on his painting
The Catchers. A poem by Diego Torres
Third graders working on their poems
Does Nature Need Us? a poem by Arden

Who are dreamers? Can “dreamers” have more than one dream? What are my dreams?

Why are we here if not to dream? In this project, students will engage in conversation with different members of our San Diego community to investigate the wide scope of dreams an individual may have in their lifetime. In honor of April being National Poetry Month, they will seek inspiration from various poets, and deeply examine their own lives and dreams for the future to create a piece of writing accompanied by a mixed media illustration. These poems will be compiled into an anthology and published by a company selected by the students based on cost and time efficiency. Their co-created anthology will act as a “dreamcatcher,” or legacy project, of the student’s aspirations at this point in time.

“What I love about this project is it provides students the opportunity to be creative through both artistic and written expression.” -Alli Kucia, Third Grade Teacher

“The best part of the project was making our final drafts. It was pretty cool to go to the publishing company and see how they turn our work into a real book. Our book was made by a powerful machine with smart technology. It was neat to see how it worked and how the people at the company used it.” -Luca, 3rd Grade Student

  • Students will be able to create and conduct interviews
  • Students will write a piece of poetry about a dream they have for themselves
  • Students will create a mixed media illustration to accompany their dream poem
  • Multimedia art piece
  • Poem
  • Colored pencils
  • Watercolor paint
  • Transfer paper
  • Process of co-illustrating, writing, and publishing a book
  • Critiquing others work for improvement
  • Project Handout

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