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Wise Kids Traditions Project

Author: Daniel Wheat

Grade: 4th

Project Exhibition
Project exhibition, sampling foods
Students preparing to go on a kayak trip in the boat chanel
Students a a table preparing green beans

How can we improve our, and the generations to follow, well-being with the wisdom of indigenous people?

We thought it pretty important to think about one of the most critical things facing our generation – our health, our energy, our youthfulness! Right?!? We are often hearing mixed messages about what to do and what not to do. BUT, you rarely hear or read about the practices of indigenous people. Sometimes we forget to check out history when we try to solve problems. What about people who were connected to their food, their land, and to each other? What were/are they doing? How were they able to avoid some of the common diseases we see in our communities today? There are A LOT of questions, and although we are inquisitive kids and could go on, lets get to it.


Timeline: 12 weeks

It was awesome to see so many students get excited about making healthy foods and to begin questioning some of our modern-day diets and lifestyles.” -Daniel Wheat, Fourth Grade Teacher

I think everyone should go back and think, “Do I want to be natural or convenient?” -4th grade student

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