Tides Creatures, & Treasures

Tidepool Creature Features to Treasure is a book about the animals of the tidepool habitat, their creature features, and how to treasure them. Created by Kindergarten students at HTENC.

Tidepool Activity Book

In Tidepool Treasures: An Activity Book, 1st graders spent 12 weeks exploring the tidepools to create an activity book for their peers to enjoy learning about the natural phenomena they saw.

Treasure Our Tidepools!

A book about the animals of the tidepool habitat and how to “treasure” them. Written and illustrated by Kindergarten students at High Tech Elementary North County in San Marcos, California.

Protect Our Ponds!

As part of the “Pond Protectors” project, Kindergarteners from HTE North County studied pond habitats and explored both communities in ponds and how to protect them.

Save Our Sandy Shores!

As part of a 10-week project, Kindergarten students from HTE North County created this book to save our sandy beaches and the animals that live there.

Do Grunion Really Run?

In Do Grunion Really Run? And Other Grunion Wonders, 1st graders at HTE North County engaged in field work and met with experts to teach others around the world about the natural wonder, the grunion.

HTeNC 2nd Grade Books

A selection of books from High Tech Elementary North County 2nd Grade “the Big World, Little Library” and “The Power We Have”.

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