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Student Projects

Doodle Daydream Project

Author: Travis Sevilla

Grade: 9th

Subject: Art

Painting for Doodle Daydream project
Painting for Doodle Daydream project
Blindfolded girl painting for Doodle Daydream project
Flaming heart painting for Doodle Daydream project
Painting for Doodle Daydream project: Snail being eaten by big head
Painting for Doodle Daydream project with animals
Painting for Doodle Daydream project with eye, water and head
Painting with mushroom in front of trees
Closeup painting of cat/girl in pink
Arrows illustration
Arrows illustration with color

How to take the most simple of all drawings…the doodle, and turn it into something more.

The Daydream project is a multi-phase activity that is designed to get kids who do not normally draw or paint to be able to execute a finished work of art based on a simple doodling exercise.

 Phase 1: The doodler: Using the one and only official doodling tool (The Ball Point Pen) the students each get a 12″ x 12″ sheet of paper and are instructed to create a grid of 64 1.5″ squares to doodle in. After the doodles are complete the students are shown some colored pencil technique and get to embellish and “color in” their doodles save for one exception. Each student selects his/her favorite doodle and leaves it as a ball point drawing.

Phase 2: Each student takes their single square and scans it into the computer. Using Photoshop software the students are taught how to create line art, use filters, create layer masks, smart objects, and basic workflow within the software in order to create a color composition. Essentially they use the software as a layout and composition tool.

Phase 3: Each finished digital image is projected onto a 12″ x 12″ wooden panel (each student gets to use power tools to cut their own). From there they are given a small color theory project to learn to mix paint and create colors etc. Then the panels are painted and exhibited in a large format grid.

Pen/Ink, and colored pencil drawing

Digital image/Color Composition File

Painting on panel

Students will know:

  • Some of the elements and principles of design
  • Basic Photoshop workflow and how to create line art and color compositions
  • How to mix color with acrylic paint

Students will understand:

  • The five types of line
  • How balance and symmetry work in a work of art
  • How to create images and use smart objects, layer masks, etc in Photoshop
  • How to enlarge and paint in acrylic
  • Safe use of power tools (circular saw, drill press, etc)
  • Basic composition and how it applies to the visual world around them.