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We are so glad you are here. What an incredible and unprecedented time. High Tech High has worked hard to transition to distance learning for all of our students and we are proud to have been able to pivot quickly and innovate so that our students can continue to learn and grow during their time at home. And now, we are filled with anticipation at the possibility of returning to school safely and be a community in person again.

We have found that it is crucial, now more than ever, to stay close to the values and principles on which High Tech High is based- equity, community and inclusivity.

At this time, we have transitioned to alternative and virtual tours, events and information sessions and we look forward to continuing to connect with prospective HTH families and welcome new families into our schools.

The heart of HTH has always been our students, teachers and families and that sense of community transcends the current boundaries we are facing. We look forward to getting to know your family.



Veronica Alvarez Grajeda, Director of Community Engagement and Admissions


Flashback Friday. Outdoor playground at HTe in Point Loma! Have a great weekend.
Now let's go inside. These are the beautiful hallways of High Tech Middle on the Point Loma Campus. We love to hang student work and display all their hard work.
We will get back to you shortly! Also note that we do not update waitlisted families. If an offer is made you will receive an email and have 72 hours to respond.
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Now on to Chula Vista! This is the building that houses both High Tech Elementary and High Tech Middle on our Chula Vista Campus. Isn't it beautiful!?
We want to take some time to highlight all our different campuses and schools! We will start off with High Tech Middle North County! All the HTMNC families give a shout 📣
Community Study and Magazine: 1st Grade 
​A community is a system. It has many parts that work together to perform a function. Room 2 students visited places around our Liberty Station neighborhood to learn about how different members of the community contribute to the whole community.  In groups, the children first brainstormed and listed all the places they knew of in Liberty Station. I made some phone calls to see who we could visit and interview. The children generated questions. In six groups, they toured the places and interviewed people that work there. They took pictures along the way and pictures inside the buildings. We videotaped the interviews and took some notes. Each of the students wrote an article about the place they visited, and together with their group, made a special page, like an ad, a game, or a painting. It was their first experience as journalists. They are very proud of their magazine. We hope these articles help you learn more about our Liberty Station community.
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​​PS: these images are from before COVID-19.
Through My Eyes: Photography and Literacy: 3rd Grade📷 
​After studying legends from many cultures, students create their own legend about an animal from the San Diego Zoo, using the techniques of photojournalism: lead photo, environmental shot, interaction shot, close up, long shot and direct view as a photojournalist does. Students are also responsible for gathering information about the origin/habitat of plants and animals to aid them in writing their legend.
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​​PS: these images are from before COVID-19.
Seedfolks: 8th grade
​“In the “Where I’m From” poems, we got to hear about really, really, really personal things – the inside jokes and about their families. I liked it because it made me feel like it was all about me and it made me feel like I had a past and that my life isn’t boring. It made me feel old, too.

During the 4th grade buddy program, it was fun to get to know other people in the school, especially the elementary school. It helped me to be a better citizen. I think it was cool to get to know my buddy, how they work and how they learn, individually. I don’t remember being that small. It was nice to remember that I was that size once.”

– Phyllis and Sarah
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​​PS: these images are from before COVID-19.
Ocean Explorers: 1st Grade
​Through out the project students engaged in work with local marine scientists which helped them gain insight into what a scientists does to study the ocean and why it is important. Students also developed collaboration and research skills through their research work on ocean animals. Another component of the project was translating their knowledge about the ocean into art to share their passion for perserving the ocean. Examples of art work ranged from collaborations with local artist to work on watercoloring projects, repurposing trash to model ocean animals and rewriting a popular pop song to express their answers to the projects essential question.
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​​PS: these images are from before COVID-19.
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Staircase to Nowhere: 12th Grade⬆️ 
​By playing, design and collaborating students created staircases.

In the fall of 2015 our students designed staircases. They created scale models and full size “staircases to nowhere” around the school. Using play they will design a 1:10 staircase themselves. With a partner using trigonometry and CAD they designed and built a 1:5 scale staircase and with a party of 10 they created life size Staircases to Nowhere at various locations in the school. It is a conceptual art piece physics and math project.
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​​PS: these images are from before COVID-19.
Rock ON! Each student created a unique colored pencil illustration and nonfiction narrative about a geological topic. The collection of work was published as informative “cards” to be used by other children and families. Cards are also distributed by the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy to “Junior Members” as encouragement and a resource when exploring the San Diequito River Park and other natural spaces in San Diego County.

Additionally, students excavated marine fossils from 45 million-year-old local rock material in collaboration with the San Diego Natural History Museum (“The NAT.”) Their specimens of snails and clams will become part of the museum’s research collection.
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​​PS: these images are from before COVID-19.
Join us THIS Thursday with some of our very own High Tech High Students. They will tell us all about their experience, their future goals and give you an inner look at what it's like to attend HTH. If you want, comment some questions you want to ask them 😀  Don't miss it! The zoom link is in our BIO.
YOUR voice matters. Enjoy your weekend 😊
At High Tech High, we encourage student leadership. We believe in supporting student interests and giving them the opportunity to pursue those interests. And, if we don’t already have a club you’re interested in, YOU CAN CREATE IT!
This incredible podcast is something amazing our seniors have been making. Give them a follow and listen to their podcast Visit their website to learn more about their podcast-
Golf is offered at our Chula Vista campus and Point Loma campus! ⛳ Of course you can visit
If you are not offered a spot this school year PLEASE be sure to resubmit an application for the following year when applications become available on October 1st. Check out more frequently asked questions on our website-
Water polo is offered at our Point Loma campus. 🤽‍♀️🤽‍♂️🤽 Visit us at for more information about our athletic programs.
Happy Pride Month!
June is a special opportunity to celebrate our LGBTQ+ students, staff, and all the LGBTQ+ leaders throughout history who have helped build a more just, equitable, and vibrant society.
So let’s take advantage of that opportunity!
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