Samantha Mitten

Hello! I am Samantha Mitten. I did not major in math in college, but I always knew it would be the subject I would grow up to teach. I loved math in high school, I took as many classes as I could. A trimester system allowed me to cram 6 years of math into my […]

Montse Kevan

I was born in Mexico City, but since my family moved to Tijuana when I was 3 years old, I’ve always considered myself a proud Tijuanense. In words of Nortec Collective “Tijuana makes me happy.” I love the border life. The most traveled border in the world, where growing up meant having two languages, two […]

Genevieve De Kervor

My name is Genevieve Dekervor. I am looking forward to teaching 10th grade Chemistry at HTHNC this Fall! Both my love for science and art developed as a student at HTH. I hope that as a teacher I can also support students in making their own epiphanies and connections between science and their personal interests. […]