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High tech Elementary Chula Vista LogoWelcome to HTeCV!

High Tech  Elementary Chula Vista is located at:
1949 Discovery Falls Drive, Chula Vista, CA 91915 •  Accessibility Map

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At High Tech Elementary Chula Vista, our curriculum is based on the HTH design principles of common intellectual mission, adult world connection, and personalization. Teachers, as curriculum designers, strive to create innovative project-based learning experiences that will engage our diverse group of students in complex, adult world projects through which they will develop and apply skills and knowledge. HTeCV students engage with the world around them by creating projects that help them explore content area topics, and develop skills to apply their new knowledge. Students and teachers together develop personal qualities such as integrity, confidence, empathy, curiosity and reflection. HTeCV students also take exploratory classes in Performing Arts, Engineering, and Visual Arts through out the school year. All of our students participate in multiple Exhibition Nights across the year, where they demonstrate their learning to the community. All HTeCV classrooms are fully inclusive, as our goal is that all students reach their potential.