The Bee Project

Students investigated the role of bees in our ecosystem, the various ways bees are being threatened, and wrote and performed plays about some aspect of what they had learned.

The Chocolate Project

First grade students learned about rainforests, ecosystems, agriculture, history, the economics of trade, and cooking by studying the history of chocolate.

The Truth About Food

This project helped students to learn to think critically about all aspects of food. Throughout this year-long project, students used the subject of food to talk about community, family traditions, sustainability, and health.

Nature or Nurture

“Do you know what symbiosis is?” reads the first line of the book Evolving Ecologists, …

Light of Kindness

Students learned about properties of light and the effect it has on certain materials via experiments before writing shadow puppet plays.

Through My Eyes

In Through My Eyes: Photography and Literacy, third grade students undertook a year-long study of photography, integrating science, literacy, writing, social studies, and art.

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