Teddy Mackay

Hello friends! My name is Teddy Mackay and I have been given the greatest blessing of taking on the 12th Grade English teacher position at HTHM. I grew up just an hour north in San Juan Capistrano prior to my move south to attend the University of San Diego. Here, I earned my Bachelor’s in […]

Chase Buchanan

Hi there! My name is Chase Buchanan and I am the 12th grade Applied Physics and Engineering Teacher at HTHM. I grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and received my BS in mechanical engineering at UCSB, but my interest in engineering began long before college. Some of my favorite memories from childhood include breaking open […]

Brian Moczygemba

Brian knew as early as the third or fourth grade that he wanted to become a teacher. He was actually attending elementary school in San Diego when he made these declarations on assignments (that he still has). Brian has always considered San Diego home, but moved out of San Diego at the end of elementary […]

Margaret Noble

Margaret Noble was born in Texas, raised in San Diego, and received her key artistic training in Chicago. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of California, San Diego, and an MFA in Studio and Sound Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Margaret Noble came to education from industry […]

Felix Lopez

My name is Felix (he/him/his) I am the Lead education specialist and working with 12th grade. My path in education started when I graduated from UCSD in 2014, I got hired at Pacific Arts Movement as the coordinator for a summer program that teaches high school students how to create documentary films that get showcased […]