The Whole Meal

In this project, students chose a “food philosophy” and kept a journal of all they ate for the eight weeks of their study. They interviewed family members about favorite recipes and their history, tried them out, and wrote a cookbook containing the best of them.

Reading Buddies

In Reading Buddies: the Children’s Literature Project, 11th graders were each partnered with an elementary student as a “reading buddy” to help them grow as a reader and write their own stories.

Rotational Volumes

Students learned about rotational volumes by cutting shapes into books and rotating the pages around the axis of the book spine to create a three dimensional shape.


Students made their own kinetic sculptures inspired by artist Rubin Margolin, who makes wave generating machines.

Media Saves the Beach

Students decided to test the quality of San Diego’s coastal waters and produce media in multiple formats to inform the public about what they discovered.


In Ampersand: The Student Journal of School & Work, students came together after working at their internships to create a yearbook of their experiences, so they could be shared with their peers.


Teachers devised a project to stimulate students to think critically about their communities. They created conceptual maps of the city to communicate a message they cared about.

Does My Vote Matter?

Does My Vote Matter introduces students to the wide array of voting systems that exist and to various measures of fairness in those systems.

The December Sky Project

December Sky combine the thrill of speed with the something that every young person dreams about—our future in the cosmos.

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