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Student Projects

Healthy Me Project

Authors: Dallis Fox, Trisha Magoon, Lydia Callis, Amy Strayer

Grade: 1st

Subjects: Nutrition, Physical Education, Science

How do vegitables help our bodies? writing assignment
First grader holding up plate divided into sections for fruit, grains, veggies and protien.
First graders posing in front of a green screen
First grade students working on their vegetable plate project
Students in gym excessing to video

How can we feed our bodies to be healthy?  How can we move our bodies to be healthy?  How can we help our families be healthy?

In this project, students explore all about healthy living. First graders become exercise experts, learning different ways to move their bodies and why exercise is important to stay healthy. Students also learn about nutrition and apply these ideas to their own lives. They discover the five food groups and why each is important in a balanced plate.

“Something that I love about this project is how students take what they learn about food and carry that on to their real life. Parents have told us that when they go grocery shopping now their child, they will suggest to get healthier options, like wheat bread over white or to not forget the veggies!” -Trisha Magoon

“It was special making the first grade workout video because I got to make it with other people. We used a green screen.At first I was like, ‘Wait a minute! It’s just going to be green behind us!’ But then it changed to have different scenes like New York or a picture frame!” -Sydney, 1st grader

At the end of the project, students complete two final products. Through multiple drafts and critique, students create a ‘healthy plate’ that includes 4 of the 5 food groups with labels and accurate drawings. Students use group work to choreograph an exercise routine. They film each section to compile into a class instructional workout DVD. First graders bring the plate and DVD home to help their families stay healthy.

  • Identify healthy foods (5 food groups) and “sometimes” foods
  •  Conduct taste tests of different food groups
  •  Learn various ways to exercise their bodies
  •  Understand how exercise helps your body
  •  Use peer critique to improve their work
  •  Share ideas and actively listen to others
  •  Work collaboratively with partners/small groups
  •  Record information in a journal
  •  Sequence and pattern exercise moves
  •  Develop large motor skills
  •  Graph information


8 week project