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High Tech High Athletics

Hey Everyone,

I hope this newsletter finds you well, safe and healthy!  I know this isn’t the spring break you wanted but hopefully, you took advantage of the downtime and were able to create deeper relationships with your families and friends.
The future of the school year is uncertain, including for HTH Athletics. We are not sure if we will even finish spring sports.  We are here for you! We will continue to connect and continue to work together to build our community (online) and build our skills around the game (online).  This is an incredible time to grow individually and deepen relationships from afar.  The coaches and I are working together to provide weekly routines and weekly team meetings.  We will be sending resources for each of you to stay fit, stay on top of your skills and stay connected as a team.  We are in this together!  Take this time to allow your actions to speak louder than your words.  Identify what allows you to be the best version of yourself. During this time you have the power to become your best self and create your own story.  The intention and energy that you put into your daily life will support and help you through this journey.  Stay committed and understand the power you have.  We are all adjusting and trying to navigate this new normal.  Please remember to be gentle with yourself and those around you.  Change is not always easy.  Use this time in the next week to prepare yourself mentally and physically by creating healthy and realistic habits.

Go Storm!

Michal Lynn O’Kelley, HTH Director of Athletics and Wellness

UPDATE July 20, 2020 – CIF 2020 Spring Sports Season

Upcoming Events

Nothing from Thursday, October 29th to Friday, October 29th.


At High Tech High, we believe that athletics should be a program where students can practice collaboration, show their character, and develop transformative skills that they will use in life. (Communication, leadership, interdependence, resilience, humility and focus). Our athletes are students first and do not subscribe to one single story. They are not confined by labels but by their integrity on and off the courts and fields. 
High Tech High strives to provide an equitable experience for all athletes and works to ensure that we are building community and honoring each other and ourselves. Our athletics teams support this mission in three ways:  
  1. by doing what we say we are going to do. Our coaches and athletes will show up ready to work hard and commit. 
  2. by creating a community of spirit and inclusion. Our athletes will be kind and inclusive of others.
  3. by competing to the best of their ability with integrity. Our athletes will represent high tech high by being good humans and will always strive to be better. They will carry themselves with grace and self respect and will assume best intent. 
Download the Doctor’s Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation form here.