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Student Projects

The War on Drugs

Author: Andres Perez

Grade: 10th

Subject: Humanities

What is the history of drugs in America? What should the public know about drugs today? How can we inform them?

In this semester long project students studied the history and current perception of drugs in our country. Students went in depth into the War on Drugs, and interviewed representatives from the DEA, the CVPD, and Johnson & Johnson. Students then wrote op-eds on an issue related to drugs for possible publication. Students interviewed the Opinion Editor from the Union Tribune, Matthew Hall during this process for writing tips. Students outlined, drafted, and revised their op-eds over several weeks. Students then transitioned to sharing what they learned to 5th and 8th grade students at the neighboring elementary and middle school. Students prepared an age appropriate drug awareness curriculum that utilized their op-eds, but transformed them into engaging public service videos. 

  • Evaluate the use of ethos, pathos, and logos in different arguments related to drugs in America.

  • Research and outline a problem and solution related to a specific drug

  • Develop an argumentative op-ed with credible and relevant evidence including statistics, anecdotes, and historical context

  • Create a second component to the op-ed that makes the same argument but through visual form

  • Inform multiple audiences about drugs through objective and subjective presentations


How Deadly is Fentanyl?

Is Ibogaine the Miracle Drug We’ve Been Searching For?

How have Drugs Affected the Music Industry?

Are Smart Phones a Drug?

During this project, students heard from a variety of guest speakers. Thank you to everyone for supporting our students.

  • Mark Powell, Board Member, San Diego County Board of Education

  • Candice Powell, Director of Clinical Research, Johnson and Johnson

  • The Chula Vista Police Department

  • Matthew Hall, Editorials and Opinions Director, The San Diego Union Tribune

  • Rachel Crowley, Diversion Outreach Coordinator, United States Drug Enforcement Agency