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Student Projects

Tiny Homes

Authors: Britt Shirk, Regina Kruglyak

Grade: 9th

Subjects: Humanities, Physics

Presenting for the group
Students in front of illustration
Students building work structure
Students building on site
Students building on site
Working on signage for tiny house project
Presentation at school
Group show in front of school
Students working on metal screening.
Students working on decking.
Building framework outside.
Building framework outside.
Making video recording of interview
Plans projected on wall for presentation.
Students working on floor plans
Students listening to presentation
Students working on scale model of tiny house
Students working on scale model of tiny house
Students looking at building floor plans on wall

Project Details

How can we help provide San Diego artists with affordable housing?

In collaboration with Space4Art, students worked with local artists to design and build tiny homes that would allow the artists to remain in the expensive San Diego region and produce their art.The project began with students honing their building skills by helping construct a pocket park in Barrio Logan in collaboration with Space4Art. Next, students launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter and raised over $18,000 to finance one tiny home. Students formed groups and each group was paired with a local artist who became that group’s client. After interviewing clients about their needs and wants, students produced professional drawings and 3-d models that were critiqued by the clients and professional architects. All students participated in the construction of one tiny home.