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Student Projects

The Lantern Project

Author: Alicia Wong

Grade: 6th

Subjects: Math, Science

lanterns on display
Students working on lantern
Student working on lantern
Student working on lantern

In this project, students learned about geometry and algebra by designing and creating their own paper lanterns. At the same time, they explored various cultures around the world through the lens of important global issues. Their final product was be an original paper lantern that was part of an auction to raise awareness and funds for a community improvement project of their choice through the non-profit organization, Lantern Projects.

Students began by completing a geometry packet where they learned about angles, area, surface area, and volume. At the same time, they began researching a country of their choice based on the Lantern Projects organization. They had to find information about the community, culture, history, and why this particular project is needed in this particular part of the world. They wrote an informative/persuasive writing piece about the project they selected. Once students completed their geometry packets, they began building their lanterns. Each of the lanterns had diameters from one foot to three feet long and we made from wooden skewers and tissue paper. After completing their lanterns, students used the profit analysis packet to determine the number of lanterns they would need to sell in order offset their fixed and variable costs enough to make a profit for their lantern project. At our exhibition, guests purchased lanterns and lantern making kits and our proceeds went to the Lantern Projects chosen by each of our students.

  • What are the needs of others around the world?
  • How can we create a profit from selling lanterns?
  • What polyhedrons make beautiful lanterns?


  • Reading, writing, solving and graphing equations;
  • Surface area;
  • Volume;
  • Persuasive writing;
  • Craftsmanship;
  • Empathy;
  • Research skills

Tissue paper, protractors, hot glue guns, mod podge, skewers, and pliers


“I chose to make a Stellated Dodecahedron lantern because it was an interesting and unusual shape. I didn’t want to do something easy and common. Getting every triangle to have the right angles was hard. I had to make 60 triangles and all had to be perfect if I wanted them to fit the right way. Many times I had to take apart the glued skewers and start over. I am proud of my craftsmanship on this project. I made sure everything was exactly perfect. I measured and pulled and cut and glued until my lantern shined.” – Sonya P.