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Student Projects

Soul Surf

Author: Steven Elizondo

Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th

Subjects: Humanities, Physics

Two page spread from publication titled
Two page spread from publication titled
Two page spread from publication titled
Two page spread from publication titled

What does the design of a surfboard (tail, fins, volume, etc.) affect how a surfboard performs in the water?

How do tides, swell, and wind direction affect surf conditions?

Other essential questions vary; students will identify their own inquiry questions to drive their research.

During this 2 week intersession course, students learned about the physics of surfboard design, and created handplanes in the woodshop, which we then used for bodysurfing. Students also formed an inquiry question, researched it, and then wrote an article to be published in our “Soul Surf” magazine.

Students will live, breathe, and dream SURFING for 2 weeks (and hopefully a lifetime!) We will read, write, research, analyze, discuss, and surf, in order to fully understand the multiple dimensions involved in this beautiful pursuit! Students will learn how to be a contributing member of the global surf community.

  • Handplane to be used in bodysurfing
  • In-depth magazine article
  • Read a variety of non-fiction texts. Students will analyze and respond to the texts, and participate in book club discussions.
  • Write a piece to be included in the “Soul Surf” magazine.
  • Analyze data such as buoy readings, weather, swell direction, and tides to determine how they affect local surf conditions.
  • Understand the physics behind surfboard design, and how different shapes, fins, and materials affect a board’s performance in the water.
  • Learn about sustainable surfboard manufacturing.
  • Learn basic and intermediate water safety skills.
  • Physical Education… SURF!
Souf Surf Dispay_Page_03
Soul Surf Article 1
This article is about surfboards used for large surf.

Souf Surf Dispay_Page_04

Soul Surf Article 2
This is an article about the different fin setups a surfboard can have.

Souf Surf Dispay_Page_08

Soul Surf Article 3
This article is about how to choose the right board for you.

Souf Surf Dispay_Page_10

Soul Surf Article 4
This article is about different surfboard tails.